Hours ruled by the Horse : 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Direction of its sign : Directly South
Season and principle month : Summer - June
Corresponds to the Western sign : Gemini
Fixed element : Fire
Stem : Positive

Starting Dates         Ending Dates         Element
January 25, 1906         February 12, 1907         Fire
February 11, 1918         January 31, 1919         Earth
January 30, 1930         February 16, 1931         Metal
February 15, 1942         January 4, 1943         Water
February 3, 1954         January 23, 1955         Wood
January 21, 1966         February 8, 1967         Fire
February 7, 1978         January 27, 1979         Earth
January 27, 1990         February 14, 1991         Metal
February 12, 2002         January 31, 2003         Water

Character traits

The horse has many fiends.  They love their freedom and do not like to be tied down.  Freedom not only in relationships but
in daily routine.  Also, they can be head strong and quick minded.

They are hard working individuals and can be very creative.

Compatible with/Not Compatible:

Horse and RAT
Unhappiness and strong animosities. Personality clashes and bitter rivalry in marriage an business relations. Highly
Horse and OX
Not very lasting or congenial ties. Some barriers in communications. Few similar interests. Cool relationships.
Horse and TIGER
Excellent and happy match in love or business. No troubles trusting or communicating with each other. Highly compatible
Horse and RABBIT
Do not have much in common. Cannot relate well to each other. Non cooperative or indifferent ties in love and business.  
Horse and DRAGON
Mutual respect with some underlying clashes for dominance. Will be able to communicate to a certain degree to settle
grievances. Moderate ties.  
Horse and SNAKE
Have some difficulties comprehending each other. Unlikely to have much in common. Polite or distant relations at best.  
Horse and HORSE
Have a lot in common. Teamwork can achieved. Mutual cooperation and success in their relations. Good and lasting ties.  
Horse and SHEEP
Strong affinity and attraction for each other. Mutually beneficial relations in love and business. Very compatible and
successful ties.  
Horse and MONKEY
Will cooperate to a certain degree to achieve common goals. Share some similar interests. No strong ties or understanding.  
Horse and ROOSTER
Some communication barriers and personality clashes. Will be able to work out their differences. Cool to amicable
Horse and DOG
Very Happy and compatible union. Success and prosperity in love and partnership. Deep understanding and affinity for one
Horse and Pig
Some areas of mutual interest. Moderately compatible. No special attraction but no strong clashes either.  


Positive traits

Negative traits:

Careers best suited:
sales representative
language instructor
tour operator

Elements associated with:
Metal Horse – Years 1930 and 1990
Free-spirited in every sense of the word, commitment is the easiest way to scare Metal Horses away. They prefer jumping
from one relationship or job to the next. Because of this, Metal Horses make better friends than partners.
Water Horses – Years 1942 and 2002
Adaptable yet indecisive, Water Horses have a tendency to flow like the current. They have trouble making up their minds
and as a result, they always seem to be confusing others. And although this behavior can be frustrating, Water Horses are
fun to be around so most people just get used to it.
Wood Horses – Years 1954 and 2014
Stable and strong, Wood Horses are better able to make decisions. They interact well with others; a trait that enables them
to have more successful personal and professional relationships.
Fire Horses – Years 1906 and 1966
The fire is always burning inside Fire Horses. They love living on the edge and are always ready for change as change
always is more interesting. They are incredibly opinionated and one place you’ll never find Fire Horses is standing on the
Earth Horses – Years 1918 and 1978
Earth Horses will work to meet their goals, no matter how long it takes. They have the ability to view situations from all
perspectives and this ability is especially useful when it comes to making decisions. They’re very adaptable and they’re
funny too.

Famous Horses:
Rembrandt, Leonid Brezhnev, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, Billy Graham, Laura Dern, Glint Eastwood, Roger
Ebert, Paul McCartney, Barbra Streisand