The heart is located in the breast area.  From the back it is the middle of the thoracic part of the spine/back. The
color associated with the heart chakra is green.  A nice medium; not too light and not too dark.  The only time this
chakra is radiating pink in color is the unconditional love and the deep love experience which are only temporary states
and only last for short periods of time.  (minutes or an hour)

Belief system:

How we feel we should be treated on a personal relationship level is within the heart center.  That we desire to be
loved. Also, that we have the right to have relationships at deep levels. It also deals with our own innocence and

Our reaction to situations and others:

This is where we express our emotions of how and what type of treatment we want from others. If unblocked we
express our selves with compassion.

Positive qualities:

Love, unconditional love, self love, self worth,  forgiveness, relationships, intimacy, devotion, compassionate,
empathetic, peaceful, balanced, our inner most desires, needs and wants.  How we give and receive love.

Body parts and organs:

The heart, thymus, immune system, breasts, right hemisphere of the brain, middle thoracic of the spine, lungs,
bronchial tubes, circulatory system, blood, and arms.

Development of this chakra on a spiritual level:

When this energy center is developed, it contains our ability to heal.  The proper way to heal is through unconditional
love and compassion.  Everyone has the ability to heal in some level but it is the unconditional that makes it a true
healing.   Also, when this center is developed it brings in our ability to be empathetic and compassion for others.  The
ability to radiate the universal Divine light.

Some of the signs that the heart chakra is blocked are:

Over sensitive to others.
Not able to allow unconditional love and expect others to love you or want you.
Not allowing love to enter your life or allowing yourself to have a friend.
You have sadness or depression.
Wanting to be loved but fear that you will be rejected.
Feelings of unworthy of love.
You over please others to try to gain love and attention.

Situations and events that may have happened in our lives that we could be holding onto that caused

At any point in your life having dealt with rejection, abandonment, loss, grief, separation, abuse of mental, physical or

Blocks that can be within this center can deal with the emotions we have and how we express ourselves
to others and situations:

These blocks can deal with relationships issues from mates, family and friends. Also, issues of self-love, self worth,
wanting to be loved and being alone. The heart chakra also deals with security issues not just emotional but financial.
We have to be secure within our own self to have financial security. Wanting to control and possess love.  Being jealous
and envious of others.  Expecting conformation from others. Being demanding, paranoid, co dependency, sacrificing,
possessive, withdrawing, fear of intimacy and relationships and lack of empathy.

How the blocks can an affect the physical body:

Disorders and diseases of the heart, lungs, thymus, blood, circulatory and breast. Asthma, allergies, immune system
deficiency, arms, high blood pressure, insomnia, difficulty in breathing, bronchitis and depression.

Crystals can be used to either develop or heal this energy center:

Rose quartz, rhodochrosite, rhodonite, moonstone, moss agate, ruby, jade, green aventurine and watermellon tourmaline.

Affirmations for the heart chakra:

I allow love to flow freely to me.
I radiate Divine love through out my day and to everyone.
I am allowing unconditional love to enter my life.
I am loving to myself and others.
I have an abundance flow of love, joy and harmony.

Yoga position:

Ushtrasana - The Camel

Mantra / Sound

Yam / ay (hay)

Essential Oils to use for healing or development:

Rose, bergamot, Melissa, cedarwood, lavender, petit grain, rosewood, ylang ylang, sandlewood and geranium.