I keep my pricing reasonable
for all to enjoy the benefits of
massage and healing sessions.

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First time therapeutic massage or Reiki clients
receive their first session for $40

Specials are listed for the holiday season

All massage sessions are the FULL 60 or 90 minutes*

Located at:
Mind Spa Integrative Wellness Center
5632 Bee Ridge Road, Unit 101
Sarasota, FL 34233

All massage sessions the client is fully draped.  
Gratuity is not included in pricing

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Relaxation ~ Therapeutic ~ Swedish  
30 minutes $40  
60 minutes $50 (reg. $65)   
90 minutes $75 (reg. $90)

Deep Tissue & NMT
30 minutes $50    60 minutes $60  (reg. $75)
90 minutes $90 (reg. $105)

Each session I use hot stones one the back  to assist in releasing the
back muscles and warm towels on the back and feet.
            Rewind Effect Therapy
60 minutes $60 reg. $75     90 minutes $90 reg. 105

Manipulating the body’s natural energy that is effective on
rewinding to a state of harmony and balance.

This unique way of the session releases and heal on many
levels. It rewinds the mind / body / spirit
to a state of balance
and harmony.  
 An approach of releasing techniques that are
non-invasive and allows the individual to
release and regain
CBD OIL Massage
60 minutes $60 reg. $70    90 minutes $90 reg. $105

This is truly a deep relaxing experience massage.  Massage
therapy is well known for its many positive effects it has on
the mind and body plus and all over wellness feeling.  CBD oil
is known for its calming effect without the psychoactive effect.  
It has an anti-inflammatory properties and other effects on
the phsyical and mental health.
Pregnancy Massage  
60 minutes $50
reg. $65

A relaxing massage for the mommy to be.  
The massage session is done side line where the client is laying
on their side and will change sides during session.  Pillows are
used to prop and support during massage.
Massage Cupping Therapy
60 minutes $60 reg. $70

Cupping is a powerful detoxifying, pain relieving and energy building
modality that people all over the world use
for health maintenance.
Crystal Massage Therapy
60 minutes $65  reg. $75
Heal your energy centers while healing your body

Experience this empowering massage that incorporates the use of the
hand and many different types of large and medium palm size
crystals.  Crystals have been used as massage tools for many centuries.  
They work on many different levels of our emotions, physical body and
spiritual bodies.
Aromatherapy Massage   
60 minutes $55
reg. $70   90 minutes $80 reg $ 105

Your choice of blends that I have or you can choose a single oil.  
View list of options
Hot Stone Massage    
60 minutes $65
75 minutes $80
90 minutes $95

A deeply relaxing experience.  The stones are not placed only
on the body but used to massage along with my hands.  
* * When scheduling this session, please advise to allow for the
preparation and availability of the stones.
Salt Stone Therapy
60 minutes $65  reg. $75

This holistic therapy is 60 minutes of using warm Himalayan
salt stones that are deeply relaxing
and many therapeutic benefits.
Aroma Healing Massage Therapy
90 minutes $90

A deep relaxing therapy that uses 8 different essential oil
blends on certain areas of the body to create a soothing,
balancing and relaxing effect on the mind / body / spirit.
Energy Healing Massage  
60 minutes
 $60 reg. $65   90 minutes $90 reg. $100

Experience a energy healing and massage at the same time.  
During the session I am channeling the healing energy to assist
in the healing throughout the entire body.
Craniosacral Acupressure
60 minutes $65    90 minutes $90

Lymph Drainage w/ Acupressure & Essential oils
60 minutes $65   90 minutes $90

Zen Facial Massage w/ Acupressure & Essential
60 minutes $65   90 minutes $90

These session is approximately 30 – 40 minutes.  
You have a choice of adding to your 60 min or 90 min session
one of the following.  90 minute sessions can add in two
choices if time allows.

    Therapeutic, relaxation or deep tissue massage –
    focusing in on certain areas depending on time
    allowance.  (example: back or neck and shoulder etc.)
    Reiki   or Cranial sacral therapy
Lomi Lomi     
60 minutes $75

A deeply relaxing ancient Hawaiian massage session.  
Reiki Energy Healing & Chakra Re Balancing
30 minutes $40
60 minutes $5
0 reg. $65

An ancient form of hands on healing to assist in
many different healing levels.
Craniosacral Therapy
60 minutes $65
Crystal Energy Healing
60 minutes $65

This session crystals are used to assist in the
healing of the chakras.  
  ** Session time ~ please arrive on time for your appointment.  
If you are late for your appointment, that time will cut into
the session time.  If you are a new client please arrive early to
fill out new client intake forms; please arrive at least 10
minutes early to fill out forms.  If you would like me to email
you the forms to print out and fill out prior, please let me
know ahead of time and then just bring them in to save time.  
Example: If your appointment is at 11 am, a 60 minute
session ends at 12 pm (noon).
Long Distant Healing Sessions

During a healing session
for massage sessions
Cold Stone Massage
Foot salt scrub
and more
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add into a session

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massage session

Relaxation, Therapeutic
and Swedish

Deep tissue
Trigger point

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