Guided Cord Cutting with Carla Mary

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Length 28:44 minutes

This guided cord cutting is designed to assist those that are wanting to cut the cords and attachments that they may have.  You may
know to whom you have these with or not.  In this guided steps you will be shown to whom your attachments are with and the reason
behind them.  Some may not visually see or know to whom they belong, but may sense or have a feeling about it.  That is all fine, just as
long as you completely let go and release the emotions, issue and things that are attached to it.  When we do not let go of it or allow for
it to happen again, that is the way cords and attachments happen again or do not get removed.  It is your pure intent to remove them
and your free will to allow them to be removed ~ even if the other person is unaware or not willing.  Remember it is your choice to be
free, clear, to heal and move forward!

Find out more about Cords, read my web page
'Cords that connect'

During this we will with our intent to remove all that is attached. But if you wish to remove only one, you can in your intent before this
starts, do it at that time.  

We begin by being guided into deep relaxation steps.  During these steps you are guided on opening your intuitive side and mind so
that you may do this on an energetic and esoteric level that the cords are on in your aura.

You are guided into a sacred and secure place that we will call upon our Spirit guides, angels, ascendant masters and protectors of the
light to be with us and assist us in this process.  

We will view the cords and attachments that we have, you may see or sense to whom they are attached to and receive information on
the reason why they are there, any lessons that you have learned or need to learn by them.  Sometimes we may not know why or to
whom, but the main purpose is to remove them.  

Then we will proceed in cutting and removing the cords and attachments.

After the cords are cut, you will be clearing the auric field and healing the tears and the holes that were caused by the cords.