Guided Cord Cutting with Archangel Michael

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4:44 minutes

Many individuals use the assistance of Archangel Michael to cut cords and attachments by the use of his sword.  You can also through this process.  

In this audio I will Guide you through this process of cutting the cords and attachments by having you relax.  You can either stand or be seated for
this.  Most prefer to be standing.  You will be repeating after me during this process a saying to ask for the cords to be release, let go and healed
between you and whom ever it is attached to.

Some times it is best to do this to one attachment at a time.  When you do it that way, you are able to put your intent that it is being done to the cord
and attachment to that individual.   It is important to remember that with any cord and attachment releasement that you do, you must completely let
go of any emotion, issue or agenda that is negative or unhealthy to it.  Otherwise it will not work.  It does not matter if they are not aware or not
willing.  The point is that you are.  They will heal and deal with the issue at their own time and without you connected to it.

Find out more about cords by reading my web page
'Cords that Connect'

During this process of listening to the audio, you can physically do by imagining using your hand if you wish or just through visualization ~ this will be
all up to you.  By doing the cutting of the cords while you repeat what the verse that I have you say during the audio.   Some individuals have used
their hand and visualized that they had a sword, scissor or knife and that they cut away the cords and removed them that way.   You can also use a
Selenite wand / crystal or any other crystal that is designed to use during this process.  If you decide to do this instead of just being still and visualizing
Archangel Michael doing it with his sword, you would do the following:  With your eyes open through this process, go around the body about 4 to 6
inches and imagine yourself clearing the aura by starting at the head of one side and passing it through the aura down one side  of the head, to the arm,
place the arm out and all around both sides of the arm, down the torso side, down the leg to the feet and repeat to the other side and in front and
backside.   I usually do this with myself visualizing me holding Archangel Michaels sword and doing the above.  This way its my pure intent that its
being done and I am able to get the backside easily.

Find a quite spot that you will not be disturbed during this time.  Make sure to turn off phones and anything else that can distract you.

Start by getting into a comfortable position ~ you can be seated or standing for this.