Girasol Quartz

Also known as  Blue Opal Quartz, Moon Opal and Opalized Quartz.  The colors range from milky to pinkish.  It is found and
mined with rose quartz.

The energies from this crystal assist in feeling calm, relaxed, optimistic and hopeful.  Its amplifying affects to bring in
creativity and focusing in on your life.  Girasol quartz can be used for spiritual development, meditation and helping the
dead transition into the afterlife.

Girasol  quartz can help the subtle body readjust after phenomena like solar flares. Because solar flares draw heavier
energies to the surface, use this crystal for purification. The flares  over activate certain chakras, use the crystal to balance
and align the subtle body.

The energy of girasol quartz is soothing, cool, and peaceful. With its frosted appearance and bluish white glow from
scattered light, it looks like the Moon. It can be used to harness its energies, set intentions based on its monthly cycle, and
connect to lunar spiritual beings.  It assists us to  develop qualities culturally associated with the feminine like intuition,
emotions, and dreams. Since divination is also ruled by the Moon, girasol quartz is good for scrying and keeping tools like
Tarot cards cleansed.

Girasol quartz bridges the Crown to Third Chakra. Although it is primarily focused on the Crown and Throat Chakras. It helps
balance thinking (Crown) and feeling (Heart) and supports their expression (Throat). It is a powerful tool for psychics,
mediums, and channelers to maintain their connection (Crown) and accurately pass along their messages (Throat). Some
models of the subtle body have an additional eighth chakra above the Crown, called the Soul Star, which represents our
connection to the Divine. As a starred white mineral, girasol quartz is especially well suited for it.

Assists in:
  • Balancing your emotions
  • Controlling impulsive behavior
  • Controlling your own feelings
  • Thinking things thoroughly

In the use of healing

Used in healing of  the stomach and digestion, chest and breasts, reproductive system, bodily fluids, emotions, and
unconscious mind. It assists in healing on  parts of the body ruled by the fifth, sixth, and seventh chakras: anything between
the throat and top of the head.

Girasol is said to be particularly helpful for metabolic disorders like diabetes and others, and fatigue and chronic fatigue.

This crystal is wonderful to use with all healing modalities.  It assists in tapping into the universal energy to the type of
healing that you are doing.  Those that are raising their vibration, this assists in connecting to that vibration that is needed.

Its white to pink coloring and blue to golden glow associate it with the chakras above the navel. They are the most likely to
be thrown out of balance by electromagnetic events, as shown by their effects in sensitive people: lethargy, fluctuations in
energy levels, stomach and digestive issues (Third Chakra), difficulty communicating and thinking (Throat Chakra),
irritability, agitated emotions (Heart Chakra), headaches, psychic congestion, and inability to ground (Third Eye and Crown

It is used to align the chakras, attune to people, places, or new energetic states, and connect to the Divine or individual
spiritual beings like angels, ascended masters, and guides.

Chakra associated with: all

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