During the full moon is a time to release all negative things.  This can be things that are within us that
are blocking us.   It also can be situations that are in our lives.  The main things that can block us is
our emotions that we hold on to within our chakras.   Blocks within the chakras can affect our lives on
many levels.  It can be how we relate to others and situations.  Even what comes into our lives that
can be affected.  

With the power of this moon time as many belief systems use the full moons energy to release

The meditation that I will be doing is on releasing negative things within our lives.   Before the
meditation you will want to write down a list of things that you want to release out.   For example:
emotions can be; sadness, worry, fear, anger etc.  Situations can be; addictions, over eating, over
spending, excessiveness, etc.   Allow your Spirit Guides and Higher self to assist  you in making the
list.  Take time and allow the thoughts to come into your mind. This is those that are here to assist you
sending in those thoughts.  It is what is called telepathy.  Now start jotting down all the things that
you will want to release out.   During the meditation we will release out the list of what is on it.

Private mediations are available for groups.  Please contact me for more information and pricing.

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