Feng shui is a concept that some people practice to make sure their home environment is calm, serene and
has balanced energy. Why have your home in the Feng Shui way - two main reasons is for harmony and
bringing in prosperity.

The idea of Feng Shui is to remove negative energy and have energy free flowing.  So one thing that needs
to go would be clutter and mess.  It will collect negative and stagnant energies.  Image someone coming
through your home either blind folded or blind.  You would want them to not hurt themselves by bumping
into sharp things or tripping and falling over things.  So they will flow through the room with out getting hurt
or find their way around.  This is what energy needs to do.

When placing furniture in the home, make sure that no pointy or sharp parts of the furniture/tables point
outward.  This can disrupt the energy flow.

The main thing is to remove clutter from the floors.  It collects negative/stagnant energy. Less sometimes is
best to have around for energy to flow freely.  Also one of the biggest places that collect negative energy
and we all have more than one of them in the home. Is the closets.  Things that are on the floor or clutter will
collect energy - but not the good kind.  From time to time it is best to clear the closet and throw out what is
not needed and has not been used in some time.  

Keep the entry way to your front door free of obstacles and such.  To bring prosperity in it must find its way
into your home.  Also, the front door is needed to be viewed from the street.

Also, keep the bathroom door(s) closed at all times.  This is because that money/finances will go down the
drains.  The bathrooms have many drains.  Also keep the toilet seats down so finances don’t pour down
there.  Another reason to have the man in your house put down the seat.

Keep a fountain going near the front door.  This will allow the prosperity to flow in.  It is usually placed by the
closest wall to the door within a few feet away.  I was told to the left of the door when you come in.  Don’t
place the fountain to the rear of the house because you will be pulling the prosperity out.

The room in your home that is farthest to the left rear of the home is your money making room.

Place a mirror or reflective foil by the stove to reflect the burners.  This is associated with finances.

Cats can do Feng Shui.

Cats can  sense energy the positive and the negative.  They way they act can give you a sign when to
change the energies of the home.  It can be doing a smudging of sage and also moving things around like in
feng shui.

When you know the energies in your home are negative or in a chaos state take note of how your cat(s) are
acting.  If they are unsettled and chasing things around in a frantic state this is a sign.  When you know that
the energies are good they will be laying around and content.  I have even seen my oldest cat lay on his back
and that was always a sign for me that he feels comfortable with the energies.

If you have a cat, have you noticed that it prefers the bathtub water running to drink out of than the bowl that
you have out on the floor?  It does not have to be the bathtub but any running water or fresh water.  This is
because of the standing water that collects negative energy.  Yes, animals can sense energy.  More so than
us humans.  Flowing water has no stagnant energy.  Pet stores now sell watering fountains for pets to drink
out of.  This could be that per - fect gift for your cat.

You may notice that your cat sleeps in the closest or in cabinets - yes they are doing overtime work trying to
clear the energies.  

Have you ever notice that your cat walks in and out through your legs - yes again clearing energy.
Feng Shui