The woodsy essential oils are wonderful for keeping our self grounded. When we are grounded we are more stable with our emotions.
You will find that if the essential oil came from a tree, wood etc or even ended in wood it would be more of a warm or grounding effect.

If you feel you need to keep more grounded you can use the oils the following ways: placing a drop or two on a napkin or Kleenex and
inhaling when you need that connection when you are not able to go outside to ground yourself. Use a diffuser by adding 7 drops and
then add water and allow it to bring this grounding to the room/space you are in. By mixing it in a base: lotion, oil or cream - always
only a total of 7 - 10 drops per one ounce of base. You can then massage it on your body to keep you grounded. A little goes a long way
and concentrate it on the lower chakras and legs.


Grounding, calming, balancing. Fortifying of body, mind and spirit. Supports decision-making; helps put you in touch with your own
inner strengths. Calms motion sickness. Immune system stimulant. Excellent for digestive and circulatory systems. Facilitates
connection with ancient wisdom. Good psychic protector.
CAUTION: Pregnancy, diabetes.


Grounding, balancing and comforting. Mildly sedating. Especially good for oily skin; for dry, irritated, chapped, inflamed skin. Useful
for preventing or reducing existing scar tissue. Increases circulation. Relieves gout, arthritis, rheumatism, and joint pain.
Emotionally soothing, sensuous; great for PMS and depression.


Cleansing, comforting, warming. Grounding, penetrating, clearing and unifying.  Connects us with the earthly forces. Good for chronic
anxiety, tension, anger. Astringent, expectorant, antiseborrhoeic, antispasmodic. Good skin oil. Excellent for UTI’s and respiratory
infections. Opening psychically, good for regression/past life work and rebirthing.
CAUTION: Pregnancy.


Warming, soothing stimulating. Emotionally: soothing to feelings of isolation, tension, fear. Warming to a cold chills painful joints.
Excellent digestive oil for stomach, intestinal cramping, diarrhea, and flatulence. Spiritually, increases psychic awareness attracts
CAUTION: Pregnancy, hypertension, AVOID: Cinnamon bark, use leaf instead.


“Back to basics.” Grounding supports “down to earth” practicality. Emotionally soothing. Antispasmodic, antiseptic. Good for
concentration. Stops excessive flow: bleeding, diarrhea, runny nose, and run-away emotions. Good for all kinds of change, past life
work; creates energy bridge.


Warming, refreshing, grounding. Gently sedating, relaxing. Increases mental clarity while relaxing body. Analgesic, antiseptic,
antitussive, expectorant. Good respiratory oil: bronchitis, coughs, sinusitis.


Grounding, protective, integrating, strongly opening. Calming, centering and helping us to link base and crown. Antiseptic, astringent.
Anti-inflammatory. Smooths wrinkles. Good for bronchitis, colds, sinusitis. Meditation: opens up to the divine / ancient wisdom.
Chakra balancing. Assists the ability to shift the breath.


Grounding, opening, focusing. Mentally clearing; increases mental clarity. Good antidepressant: uplifting, warming, stimulating. Good
digestive oil. Analgesic, anti-oxidant, aphrodisiac.
CAUTION: Slightly phototoxic. May cause skin irritation in some people.


Slowing, strengthening and grounding; works well for people that are always ungrounded. Good for headaches, nausea / vomiting,
diarrhea, halitosis. Excellent skin oil: dermatitis, open wounds, and scar tissue. Anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antifungal. Spiritually,
assists to bring balance between physical and spiritual realms.  


Grounding, calming and brings in the connection of the mind/body/spirit. Quiets inner chatter. Aphrodisiac. Protective. Good men’s
oil. Helpful in impotence. Antidepressant, antiseptic, antifungal. Good respiratory and urinary cleanser. Laryngitis. Excellent
meditation oil, especially useful for connecting with you spirit guides.
CAUTION: Use with caution in depression.


Penetrating, opening, grounding, hypnotic. Relives muscular aches and pains, especially when due to poor circulation. Useful for
asthma, bronchitis; strengthens respiratory system. Strongly emotionally opening, allowing for release of stored emotions.


Earthy, grounding balancing, soothing. Long been considered to have the power to chase away evil and darkness, and is thought to
contain the power of the sun. Use it to drive out your own demons and bring sunshine and joy into your life

THYME (Linalool)

Stimulating, grounding, warming, head clearing. Good first aid oil: skin infections, respiratory conditions, and kidney and urinary tract
infections, regulates menses. Powerful immune stimulant. Stimulates intellectual faculties.
CAUTION: Avoid Thymus Vulgaris (French, garden, red or white thyme). Use only (BS Linalool) “lemon thyme” instead. Never use
thyme of any kind with hypertension or with people on heart regulating medications.


Woodsy, deeply relaxing, balancing, protection and grounding. Female hormone balancing. Aphrodisiac, antispasmodic, sedative.
Good skin oil for dry, mature skin. Excellent oil for energy management. Chakra balancing.


Earthy, grounding, balancing, very soothing. Powerfully anti-inflammatory, both physically and emotionally. Helps to reduce scar
tissue. Calms menstrual cramping. Lowers blood pressure and soothes nervous tension. Eases stress of change in our lives, especially
good for times of crisis.

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