Hours ruled by the Dog : 7 p.m. till 9 p.m.
Direction of its sign : West-Northwest
Season and principle month : Fall - October
Corresponds to the Western sign : Libra
Fixed element : Metal
Stem : Positive

Starting Dates         Ending Dates         Element
February 10, 1910         January 29, 1911         Metal
January 28, 1922         February 15, 1923         Water
February 14, 1934         February 3, 1935         Wood
February 2, 1946         January 21, 1947         Fire
February 18, 1958         February 7, 1959         Earth
February 6, 1970         January 26, 1971         Metal
January 25, 1982         February 12, 1983         Water
February 10, 1994         January 30, 1995         Wood
January 29, 2006         February 17, 2007         Fire

Character traits -

For the most part to have a dog in your life they will be there when you need them to be.  Those of
the dog - make friendship slowly.  Making sure to check things out before bring one into there friendship
circle.  You must learn to win them over before this can happen.

They are not the ones to dwell on material things like money.  The dog will show you unconditional love
and kindness.  But watch out when they are provoked.   

They do wonderful in business.  Determined is the key word for them.  Always wanting to master new
subjects.  But most importantly they finish what they start.   Dogs frequently offer helpful advice,
always listening and lending a shoulder when necessary. Dogs often become deeply involved in other
peoples lives.  At times they may be pegged as nosy.  Making sure that other people are happy is the
most important for them. They keep the home clean and they are active and involved in what ever they

The dog will be healthy.  You can tell if they are emotional; happy or sad for the most part.

The dog is the most likeable in the zodiac chart.

Dog and RAT
Have respect and admiration for one another. No serious differences or personality clashes. Could have
good teamwork in common aims.
Dog and OX
Do not have many areas of similar interest. Some communication gaps and unsympathetic feelings. Will
not relate very well together.
Dog and TIGER
Excellent math. No difficulties in communication in this union. Will achieve success and prosperity in love
or business relations.
Dog and RABBIT
Highly compatible and rewarding relationship. Deep trust and affinity for one another. Will find prosperity
and happiness together.  
Dog and DRAGON
Serious clashes and strong conflicts. Cannot comprehend or trust each other. Highly incompatible. Cannot
see eye to eye.
Dog and SNAKE
Mutual respect and certain areas of common interest. No large conflicts. Will cooperate to a good extent.
Fairly amicable ties.
Dog and HORSE
Very compatible combination. Successful and happy relations in love and partnerships. Deep affinity and
permanent bonds for one another.
Dog and SHEEP
Tolerate each other at best. Have very little in common and no special need for each other's company.
Incompatible team.
Dog and MONKEY
Have underlying respect for each other. No clashes of wills. Good and workable relations in love and
partnerships. Will cooperate well together.  
Nothing solid or lasting will result from  this relationship. Some resentment and communication gaps.
Moderate to cool ties at best.
Dog and DOG
No conflicts. Congenial and cooperative ties. Compatible to a good extent. Will work together amicably for
common goals.  
Dog and PIG
No serious personality clashes. No struggles for dominance. Acceptable and agreeable to a certain degree.
A moderate relationship.  

Key words:  

Positive traits:
Excellent leader

Negative traits:
Afraid of rejection
Anxious - mostly if they are born at night
Can be guilty of telling white lies
Prone to mood swings
Trouble trusting others

Careers best suited for the dog:
Police officer
Interior designer

Elements associated with the dog

Metal Dogs – Years 1910 and 1970
Metal dogs are very committed in all they do whether it involves work or relationships. Expectations are
high, both for themselves and others.
Water Dogs – Years 1922 and 1982
Less independent, Water Dogs become more self-confident when they’re part of the pack. They prefer
being in the pack rather than being the pack’s leader. They’re faithful, affectionate, flexible and relaxed.
Wood Dogs – Years 1934 and 1994
Wood Dogs also prefer being part of the pack as this environment builds self-confidence. Although timid in
the beginning, Wood Dogs eventually can become excellent companions. They’re easy-going and adaptable,
warm-hearted faithful.
Fire Dogs – Years 1946 and 2006
Fire Dogs are true leaders. Others enjoy being in the company of Fire Dogs. They’re sexually attractive,
charismatic, vibrant and confident and they always prefer to be on the go.
Earth Dogs – Years 1958 and 2018
Trustworthiness and dependability make Earth Dogs great leaders. Grounded in reality, their sense of
fairness enables Earth Dogs to be supportive of others. They are confident and inspire confidence in others.

Famous Dogs:
Sir Winston Churchill, Harry Houdini, Elvis Presley, Cher, Bill Moyers. Kevin Bacon, George Gershwin,
Andre Agassi, Donald Sutherland, Bill Clinton