Cutting cords can separate your from unnecessary attachments, and set yourself free from the ties
that bind.

Cords that connect  ~ psychic cords, cords, energetic cords

What is this cord thing?

Cords are an open channel for communication between you and another person through which emotions and energy
flow, often without your conscious knowledge.

We all have these that are not seen with the physical eye but the psychic eye, but is attached to the auric field.  
There are many names that others have called these things; cords, psychic cords, energetic cords, psychic attack,
attachments, bonds etc.

We are all energetically attached to others that you have a relationship with; family, friends, co workers and
acquaintances. This can be in a healthy way or even in a harmful way.  Energy flows from us to others by our
contact with them.  This also includes our conversations that are in a distance by ways of phone, internet, mail
etc. Even if we ended a relationship or situation, there may still be this cord that we or they hold on to.  It
keeps us connect to the person, experience, event or emotion.

You can also receive cords from those that attach themselves to you.  Some will call these individuals energy
steelers or psychic vampires ~ and they do not even have to be psychic to do it and can be someone that does
not even believe in this type of things.  You could be one yourself and may not realize that you are doing it.  But
unfortunately there are those out there that do.

I am sure you know of some individuals that you have in contact with that just drain you every time you are
around them.  When they are done they leave energized and happy. You are left drained, tired and mentally
weak.  Unfortunately, we all come across these types of individuals from time to time. We may have done this as
some part of our lives and were not consciously aware of it.

But then there are individuals that on a esoteric level or if you want to call it dark energy work through spells
and psychic sabotage, will do this to others to drain them and do harm.  There is nothing of the light/positive
about that but just very dark and negative work.  Yes, of course the laws of the universe will always prevail of
what you do will always come back to you three times.  But there are some that think that they are above that
or don’t understand not to harm others.

What happens is that it drains our vital energy, depleting us, can cause unhealthy emotional, physical and spiritual
problems.  These individuals don’t realize or they don’t want to raise their own vibration in order to have a
positive and higher vibration flowing throw them.  What they do is attach cords between them and their victim.
When they need a boost of energy they consciously or unconsciously steal energy.  But unfortunately, the cords are
connected, so you will receive their energy as well, even if its negative or positive.  If they are experiencing
physical or emotional issues or experiences, you will also experience the same, for the good and bad.

How you can protect yourself or remove any cords that maybe there is not hard at all.

Spiritual purification, protection and cord cutting are some of the things that can be done.  Be aware of the
individuals that deplete your energy and limit your contact with them.  One of the important things to do is to
release all the negative emotions that are holding you down.  Holding on to negative emotions, situations or what
some will call blocks in the chakras or in life,  will weaken the  aura and protection field. If we are in a negative
or too emotional state it will make us vulnerable for this.

Some traits of energy steelers are: (remember this can be those that don’t know they are doing it
and its on an unconscious level)

  • Feels lonely or not able to make it on their own in any phase in life.
  • They feel that they have been rejected a lot.
  • Co dependant
  • Someone that works with the dark side of metaphysics or does spell work against others (or would even
    dabble in it)
  • Needs reassurance, needing nurturing or constant support.
  • Low self esteem, poor me attitude or even drama attitude.
  • Some one that criticizes and cuts others down constantly.
  • Likes to control others.
  • Those that like to vent to others.

Unfortunately, being in the healing, metaphysical and new age work, we do get this from time to time from those
that are: clients, others in groups that we may attend, others that are jealous of our abilities or energy level,
those that want to deplete others in order to make them better than others, students and etc.

Cords that are said to be negative or unhealthy can be contributing to difficulties in your energy
system.  This can have very negative affect on your life.

In the aura you will have leaks, holes, tears.  A  person that is able to view the aura will be able to see the
attachment as a cord that extends out from the auric field.  There are cords that are positive that are suppose
to be there, but then there are some that are attached from others as means of negative or unhealthy
relationships and emotions or negative that need to be released.  Those that feel or sense energy can feel it by
the negative energy and extended out from the aura.  I have in my sessions grabbed on to cords (both kinds) and
the person can feel them and will tug and at times lift / move their bodies, even when they don’t know that is
what I am doing. This is just to name a few things.   Read my page on psychic cord cutting that explains more
and will show you how to say the cord cutting. >

Some of the signs that you may have cords that are not positive and healthy are:

  • Your behavior maybe influenced or controlled by the person your are negatively attached to.
  • You maybe easily manipulated
  • Feeling stuck
  • Depressed
  • Lack or low energy level
  • Too many or constant thoughts of someone
  • Loss of energy
  • Feel like your drained for no apparent reason
  • The person that is doing this maybe have some type of contact with you or you may have thoughts of them
    right before you feel like your being drained.
  • Dizziness
  • Tension in the body, weakness or pains in certain areas with no explainable cause.
  • Sleeping disturbances and nightmares
  • Sudden mood changes
  • Holding on to past issues, emotions and situations
  • Having negative emotions on a daily basis ~ usually relating to something
  • Holding on to past relationships that have past or had problems with ~ including friends and family

When you can relate to some of these statements, it is important to remove the cords in order to improve your
emotional, spiritual and physical well being. It does not mean that you will remove contact or end relationships.  It
means that you will be removing the negative energy that the cords have.  You allow more positive energy into
your life and will grow in a healthy spiritual and energy way.

In order to cut cords effectively, you have to discuss and understand what negative patterns are a attribute of
your relationship with that person. You need to learn from those patterns and impact other relationships.

What you can experience from the releasement of detaching the cords

The experience that most feel is a feeling of being free, lighter and at peace.  The emotional release can be
sometimes of letting go of built up anger, sadness or other negative emotions that are associated with the cord to
the other individual.

Removing the cords does not necessarily lead to break-ups or abandoned relationships, unless that is what you are
seeking. Cord removing will help you move forward with confidence and clarity since it releases the dysfunctional
parts of your relationships.

But one important thing to remember is that we may have attached our own self to others.  It can be through
insecurities of not being able to do things alone or co-dependency issues.

If your are an empathic individual, you will tend to absorb others energy. This energy can be both positive and
negative that you can absorb.    Make sure to keep yourself protected daily will help you will protecting yourself.
It is a good idea to do some form of aura cleansing to remove these energies.  Smudging with white sage is a
great way, keeping yourself grounded and purification through bath or shower.  
Check out my website for pages on

The time to cut the cords of attachment

When you are attached to someone in an unhealthy way that it is negatively impacting your own well being on a
emotional, spiritual and physical level.

If you have gone through or dealt/dealing with:

  • Divorce
  • Death of someone close and dear to you.
  • Unwanted or negative friends or acquaintances
  • Traumatic or disturbing experience in your life.
  • Feelings of guilt, anger, sensing betrayal, unhappiness, depression, addictions.
  • And many more things

Some of the questions you may have regarding this

Will this hurt or will I feel any pain by doing this?

No.  You will not feel any pain and some feel nothing other than a free and uplifted feeling of being one and
whole again.

How many cords can be cut at a time?

From my experience it all depends on the individual and how much can they let go and detach from.  You may
attempt to release all of them that you believe that are their.  After you have done it and within days that you
think that some are still there, do it again.  There is no waiting time between doing this.

How long are cords attached to us?

At times they can be part of an attachment into our aura for our lifetime unless you remove them.  They can
even be there to others that are no longer alive or are no longer in our lives.

Does removing of the cord affect the other person attached to it?

The only affect they can feel will be a detached feeling and this is mostly those that can sense energy.

Will the other person attached to it know that its gone?

Usually only if they are intuitive or energy sensitive.  They can sense a disconnected feeling or the attachment
left.  Though some individuals do attach themselves to others in a negative way, they would probably feel it.  But
don’t worry they usually realized they were caught doing it.  Remember its your free will to have it or not.

Do we only have cords or attachments to people that are alive?

No.  You could still have some that are with those that crossed over and still holding negative or too much grief

We also can have them to past lives, entities / spirits and other beings.

What if I have a better relationship now with a person that may have said something to me that is
still affecting me, is the cord completely bad with this person?

No.  But removing the cord that is attached can straighten and bring more love and light to the relationship
through letting go and healing. It can even happen from imprints that are put in us by parents, friends and
others that maybe holding us back or blocking us in some negative way.  Example ~ You may have been told that
you will not amount to anything or you are not pretty or you are not smart.  This can also play in a role that
will form an attachment or cord to that time or event.

Does the cord come back after it is removed?

If it is done correctly and the key is you really want it removed, it will be gone and not coming back.  You have
to let go of everything that was attached to it; emotions, issues and sometimes the one that was attached to it,
but not always.

What if the cord is attached to someone that is your relative or you are married to?

Some times we find this is the case.  But remember we are dealing with the negative and unhealthy cords, not
the positive ones.  This can deal with the negative aspects, issues or past with the individual.  When they are
removed and the relationship is meant to be there, it will increase the positive bonds of the relationships.  But
we must realize that in order to keep relationships, all parties involved must want it, not just one of the
individuals.  Otherwise this may cause unhealthy and very negative bonds.  By cutting the negative cords frees you
from the esoteric / psychic level energy that can distort your live or keep you in that state of being.

Can cutting the cords of attachment be helpful for those that suffered from all types of abuse?

Yes!  This can be the most dramatic results with the individual.  It can free them from the imprisonment that
they are holding onto but feel that they have no way of letting go or mending.

Can cutting the cords assist in healing emotions from loss of someone or relationships losses?

Yes it can.  It can remove the emotions that are holding you back from moving forward.  This is a wonderful
compliment to any professional counseling that someone is doing.  It can assist in healing and releasing.

Can someone else remove the cords or can it only be done by the person?

You can receive assistance from another.  But the main important thing is that you must release and let go in
order for it to actually work.  Your whole pure intent of wanting it done has to be there.  Most individuals can
do this on their own through meditation or visualization in many ways.  I have available meditation on walking
through doing this and also different techniques on my site to assist you in this process.  In my sessions that I
offer, this is one of things that I assist others with.