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Meditations for your path, journey & discovery ~ Manifesting ~ Healing ~ Energy protection & clearing ~
Meeting Spirit Guides, Angels & those on the other side

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Manifesting with Clear Quartz Crystal

This guided imagery meditation will assist you in manifesting your goals and desires.  READ MORE

Creating and Manifesting

This guided imagery meditation will assist you in manifesting through the process of deep relaxation, visualization and
energy vibration.

Ancient Stone

This guided imagery meditation will assist you in manifesting. You will be guided into manifesting through a journey of
guided imagery to a place that we will manifest using the 'Ancient Stone'.

Guided Imagery Meditations on meeting your Spirit Guides, Angels & those on
the other side

      Meeting your Guardian Angel

This guided imagery meditation will assist you in meeting your angels that are with you.  During this meditation you
will be guided into a tranquil place to meet your Angels.

Meeting your Spirit Guides and Angels

This meditation allows you to meet your Spirit Guides and Angles. We all have Spirit Guides and Angels that are with
us during each life time.  Angels are assigned to us to guard, protect us, heal and teach us.  

Meeting with an Enlightened being

This meditation will guide you into connecting you with an enlightened being / one.  You may want to before you
start this meditation a certain one.  Perhaps it could be Jesus, Buddha, Mosses or mother Teresa, saint, sage or
even  a being of infinite wisdom and compassion.  We will be asking this enlightened being for assistance in helping you
realize your own true essential nature.  

Meeting your Higher Self, Review your Life Book & your Soul Group

You will be guided into your souls temple,  which is the library of all it your soul’s records and information.  

Meeting your Animal Totem Spirit

Animal Totem Spirits are here to assist us with their energy, vibration and  help us in our lives here on earth.

Visiting a Sacred Place

In this guided imagery meditation will take you to your sacred place.  READ MORE

Visiting those on the other side

This guided imagery meditation assists you in reconnecting with loved ones that have crossed.  You will be started out
by being guided into deep relaxation state.   During this meditation you will be guided into a tranquil place to meet
those that are on the other side.  Sometimes we can be surprised who will come to meet with us during the
meditation.  Allow your mind to be open and receptive to experience that this meditation can have for you.  

Guided Imagery Meditation on your path, journey  & discovery           

Positive doors up ahead

This guided imagery meditation is designed to assist in viewing the  positive energy that will be into your life.  

Finding your life's purpose

This guided imagery meditation will assist you to discover your life’s purpose ~ the work that you came into this life
to accomplish.  

Viewing yourself as a third person

This guided imagery meditation will assist you in viewing your current situation and showing you ways of handling
things differently.  This can be reviewed at any time to assist you in situations.  

Mediation on the chakras

You will be guided into deep relaxation in the beginning of the meditation and opening your intuitive mind. During this
meditation you will experience the chakras and sensation of each one.

Experiencing Light Body

In this guided imagery meditation you will experience deep relaxation, opening your intuitive mind and guided into
experience the 'leave the body experience of the astral plane body' or light body.

Opening the intuitive mind

This meditation will guide you through the relaxation steps in meditation that I do.  It will also guide you opening
your intuitive mind. Programing yourself to open the intuitive door when you want to meditate and use your intuitive
psychic minds eye.  During the meditation, you will be on a self guided journey to explore for a little while.  Then
followed by coming back to the present.

Exploring your auric field

You will be guided in relaxing and calming the min. Then you will be guided to explore each layer of your auric field.
Afterwards, you may want to write down your impressions on each layer.

Scanning the Mind and Body for Relaxation

During this guided meditation you will be starting out guided through relaxation techniques.  You will need to be on
your back laying flat for this exercise.  This is a whole body relaxation  

Sensing Your Energy body    

You will be guided into relaxing and opening your awareness.  Experiencing the energy body and positive energy

Exploring your senses

This guided imagery mediation will assist you in learning to use all your senses while you mediate.  Experience being
present and experiencing: smell, sound, feeling and taste.

Your new path and journey

This guided imagery meditation will assist you in helping you start your new path that you are on.  You will be
meeting with your Spirit Guide to assist you during this meditation.  They will show you different gifts that the
universe and your soul has for you on your path.  The dream that you have, the tools that are needed for this path
and the plan to put it all together.  

Energy Protection & Clearing                                            

Guided Cord Cutting with Archangel Michael

Many individuals use the assistance of Archangel Michael to cut cords and attachments by the use of his sword.  You
can also through this process.

Guided Cord Cutting with Carla Mary

This guided cord cutting is designed to assist those that are wanting to cut the cords and attachments that they may
have.  You may know to whom you have these with or not.  In this guided steps you will be shown to whom your
attachments are with and the reason behind them.  

Cleansing your self and soul ~ using all your senses

This guided imagery meditation will guide you into relaxation, using all of your senses and healing on a mind
and spirit  level.

Replacing negative energy with positive energy  

We begin this meditation by deep relaxing techniques that I guide you through.  You will be guided through a process
of replacing negativity with positive energy.

Clearing stagnant energy from your energy

This is designed to assist you in clearing the stagnant energy from you physical body and auric field. Stagnant energy
is not moving properly which can lead into problems within your entire being.

The Sword of the Blue Flame

Archangel Michael has graciously offered to you and all mankind the use of his sword of blue flame that you may cut
away from your mental, emotional and physical bodies the impingement of these lines of force and sever once and
forever your connection with these imperfect lines of energy.  In this audio, I will guide you on doing this through the
audio, that is to be repeated for 30 days.  

Chakra Healing and Clearing

The Guided Imagery Meditation on healing and clearing the chakras is to assist you in the inner healing. This
meditation on self healing is most requested through the years by my students.  

Color Visualization and Breath Work

This meditation is designed to bring awareness to the importance of the use of color in healing.  To enhance your
entire being on a mind body Spirit level.  Knowing that you can use any single color to assist you in healing and to
enhance yourself by either through visualization or breath work.

Cleansing yourself and soul through using your senses

This is designed to assist you in clearing the stagnant energy from you physical body and auric field.  When stagnant
energy is not moving properly which can lead into problems within your entire being.   After doing this short clearing,
your energy can feel more clear and vitalized. Repeat this when you feel the need to clear your energy.

Healing with the light     

You will begin by guided into relaxation and opening you to your meditation mind.  Then you will be experience a
guided imagery meditation on healing the mind / body / spirit with the power of the light.

Reiki One ~ Guided hands on healing for self and others

My Reiki one class I teaches the chakra system and self healing. This meditation is designed to assist the Reiki
practitioner and all those that do self healing.  While relaxing the mind and body, you are guided on hand placements
and visualization during self healing. With each hand placement, you will be clearing blocks that are within  also,
bringing more light into the chakras.  I will guide you while you are doing the hand positions.

Reiki Two ~ Meeting your Reiki Master Guide and the 3 symbols

My  Reiki two class I give a wonderful Guided Imagery Meditation on meeting your
Reiki Master Spirits and the three symbols.  

Microcosmic Orbit Beginning, Intermediate & Advanced

The Microcosmic Orbit is used for those that are interested in; raising their vibration level, increasing their chi level
and preparing the student for the Reiki Master Level or anyone that wants to raise their vibration.  

Learn to Meditate ~ online course

$35 for the complete 14 week course  
This course is designed for teaching you ways of learning to meditate.  

Meditation is the practice of calming the mind and body to go inward.  One of the main reasons to
meditate is to find inner peace and develop our gifts and abilities.  
Read more and purchase