• Jupiter in Pisces -  Jan 17, 2010 to Jun 4, 2010 and Sept 9, 2010 to Jan 22, 2011.
  • Jupiter in Aries -  Jun 6, 2010 to Sept 9, 2010 and Jan 22, 2022 to Jun 4, 2011.
  • Jupiter moves to Pisces and is conjunct Uranus most of the year.
  • Jupiter starts the year at 26 degrees of Aquarius, goes in to Pisces on January 18th, enters Aries on June 6th,
    retrogrades on July 23rd at 3 degrees, and retros into Pisces on September 9th, goes direct on November 18th at 23
    degrees and ends the year at 26 of Pisces.
  • Jupiter sextiles Pluto, February 6th, Pisces to Capricorn
  • Jupiter opposes Saturn, May 23rd and August 16th   Aries to Libra
  • Jupiter Conjuncts Uranus, June 8th in Aries and September 19th, and   January 4, 2011 in Pisces
  • Jupiter squares Pluto, July 25th, August 3rd   Aries to Cap
  • Saturn in Virgo -  Sept 2, 2007 to Oct 29, 2009 and Apr 7, 2010 to Jul 7, 2010.
  • Saturn in Libra -  Dec 29, 2009 to Apr 7, 2010 and Jul 21, 2010 to Oct 5, 2012.
  • Saturn commences at 4 degrees of Libra, goes retro on January 13th at 4 degrees, retros back into Virgo on April 7th,
    goes Direct on May 30th, enters back into Libra on July 21st, and ends the year at 16 of Libra.
  • Saturn squares Pluto, January 31st, and August 21st,  Libra to Capricorn Jupiter conjuncts Saturn February 5th, Pisces
    to Libra
  • Saturn opposes Uranus, April 26th and July 26th   Virgo to Pisces and Libra to Aries
  • Saturn conjuncts Neptune, May 2nd, Virgo to Aquarius
  • Chiron in Aquarius - Feb 21, 2005 to Apr 20, 2010 and July 20, 2010 to Feb 8, 2011.
  • Chiron in Pisces - Apr 20, 2010 to Jul 20, 2010 and Feb 8, 2011 to Apr 17, 2018.
  • Uranus in Pisces - May 3, 2003 to May 27, 2010 and Aug 13, 2010 to Mar 11, 2011.
  • Uranus in Aries - May 27, 2010 to Aug 13, 2010 and Mar 11, 2011 to May 15, 2018.
  • Uranus starts at 23 degrees of Pisces, enters Aries on May 27th, goes retrograde on July 5th, at 0 Aries, retrogrades
    back into Pisces on August 14th, goes direct on December 6th at 26 degrees of Pisces, and ends the year at 26
  • Uranus quincunx Neptune - April 13th  Pisces to Aquarius
  • Neptune in Aquarius - Jan 28, 1998 to Apr 4, 2011.
  • Neptune begins the year at 24 degrees of Aquarius, retrogrades on May 31st at 28 degrees, and goes direct on
    November 7th at 26 degrees and is still at 26 at the end of the year.
  • Pluto in Capricorn - Jan 25, 2008 to Jun 14, 2008 and Nov 26, 2008 to 2023.
  • Pluto starts at 3 degrees of Capricorn; retrogrades on April 6th at 5 degrees - then goes direct on September 14th at
    2 degrees, and ends the year at 5 degrees.
  • Chiron and Neptune are conjunct in Aquarius all year with Jupiter joining them late in 2009.
  • Solar eclipse in Capricorn January 15th
  • Lunar eclipse in Capricorn June 26th
  • Solar eclipse in Cancer July 11th
  • Lunar eclipse in Gemini December 21st

JUPITER in Aquarius: January 6, 2009 - January 18, 2010

The planet Jupiter leaves Capricorn and enters Aquarius on the 6th of January.  It will be in this sign until 2010.  Jupiter is
associated with good fortune and new growth.  

Most of the meaning above for the year 2008 applies to Jupiter.  Just the sign information is different.

Jupiter in Aquarius will be best for air signs, for it will conjunct Aquarius, of course, and trine the other two; Gemini and
Libra. Opportunities will start to open up.

Earth signs, Taurus and Virgo will find opportunities abound at work, while Capricorn has a good year with money, all
things considered.

Water signs will see relationships working better; Cancers should see the money picture brightening with their mate's
job, Scorpios do well in real estate perhaps, or relationship with mom, and Pisceans too see their mate getting some
accolades on the job.

Fire signs: Aries have exuberant friends and see their ambitions expand, Leos finding rewarding experiences with their
mate and Sags can expand their influence in the community or do some writing.

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JUPITER in Pisces January 18, 2010 - January 22, 2011

Jupiter the planet that is know for luck will enter Pisces on January 18th after it has been in Aquarius.  For a short period
of time it will move into Aries on June 6th.  It will also be in a conjunction with Uranus on the 8th of June until July 23rd
when it returns to Pisces.  

Bringing luck to what that house it is in governs. We must realize though, is that the luck will only last if you do
something with it.  You must work with it or the luck leaves you when it moves to the next house.  On the down side of
Jupiter is that it can increase our own weight.  Because Jupiter is the planet of expansion.  

Jupiter will be leaving the grips of Neptune and Chiron in March. This combo brought in confusion to many things.   In
June it will conjunct Uranus, which will be a positive thing for us.  

When it enters Pisces, it will be wonderful for those of the water signs.  It is in a conjunction with Pisces and a trine with
Cancer and Scorpio.  This brings in opportunities and rewards.

The earth signs of  Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn will have Jupiter sextiles Libra and Leo.  Your partner will have luck.  You
may also find a new relationship if your single.

The air signs of Gemini, Aquarius and Libra  will find that they will have to readjust some areas in their life in order to reap
from this.

The fire signs of Aries, Sagittarius and Leo will find that changes will need to be made to grasp the luck that is presented.

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Pluto will be enter Capricorn for the first time January 25, 2008 and will retrograde back into Sagittarius one final time on June
14. It will make one final sweep through the Sagittarian issues of religion, philosophy, travel, ideology, journalism, optimism,
and general expansion. It will journey back into Capricorn on November 26, 2008 and remain there until January 21, 2024. Pluto
will engage in a process of breaking down and then rebuilding the structures on which we depend for a successful experience
in the material world.  The intense periods will be when it is stationary.  It will be intense for those who have planets in the late
degrees of the mutable signs; Virgo, Pisces, Sagittarius and Gemini.  Or the early degrees of the cardinal signs; Capricorn,
Cancer, Aries and Libra.  

Its ever challenging energy forcing us to grow. Also, challenging us to stand up to it and reap the rewards of empowerment
when we do and succeed.  When Pluto leaves one sign we are never the same person as when it started in that sign.  Through
testing and transformation we have grown stronger and our look at life and perspective has changed. This new period will be
best for those that are earth signs like Capricorn. Which they will have endured so far will reap some rewards.  Air signs will
find Pluto in their money houses, they may see a drop first then a straight building up afterwards.  Water signs will be
involved in communications and relationships.  Fire signs will deal with family and mates.  

It's the cardinal grand cross, of Aries, Cancer and Libra - with Capricorn - who are going to have transformative changes in their
lives. (Remember: if you are born at 20 degrees or later of any given sign, or rising, synthesize it with the house positions of
the next sign, i.e., if you're a Libra, for instance, you'll still have some time with the house positions, but you're closer to
Scorpio's house positions, so include them in your deliberations.)

Pluto represents death and endings and the breakdown of the structures in our life that are required in order to bring
transformation and new beginnings.  It will bring to our view reality in our life.  

Pluto transits typically include a breakdown phase, where structures that no longer serve us are dismantled to make room for
new structures that are more in line with our spiritual evolution. If we understand the process and can surrender to it with
trust, this can be an exhilarating time of transformation and empowerment. If we resist and hold on to the past it can be full
of tragedy and pain.

When Pluto goes through Capricorn we can expect the transformation of all things ruled by that sign - such as our religious
institutions, government and political structures, the way we inter our dead and take care of our old people, construction
techniques and buildings, and how we handle ownership of property.

During the transit of Pluto, there are extremes and compulsions in the area of life associated with the sign through which
Pluto travels. Capricorn association with governments and government buildings. Pluto deals with issues of power - on a
personal level such as personal empowerment as well as with the power structures that govern all of humanity that fall under
the rubric of the Capricorn theme.

Pluto's reach will extend beyond governments, however. Capricorn also rules the elderly and endings of life, and Pluto's
passage through Capricorn could transform the way we view the entire process of death and dying, including the disposal of
the body after death.

Pluto goes retrograde

    NEPTUNE - in Aquarius - 1998-2012

It has also been combined with Uranus which may have not been so smooth sailing for the past 8 - 15 years.  There could have
been upsets and job losses.  But it tried to encourage you to pursue your personal goals. Things should be becoming more
smoother since Uranus moves into Pisces.

Neptune and Aquarius does quite well with each other.  

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Neptune goes retrograde

    Uranus in Pisces Dec 30, 2003 to May 27, 2010

Uranus in Pisces can accelerate spiritual changes by breaking down old faiths, perhaps revivifying them in radical forms, or
contributing to totally new ways of expressing beliefs. Uranus brings chaos out of which new life is formed. Initially, we are
threatened by the breakdown of the old order, and tend to seek familiar ways to reinstate its familiar boundaries. But the
more rigidly we stick to the past, the more violently we are going to be shaken. Working with Uranus requires flexibility, a
willingness to discover rather than a will to control. When we remember the spiritual truth that there is unity behind our
apparent differences, discord can be reduced. We can find harmony in listening more and speaking less, humbly opening
ourselves to be with one another, rather than trying to push each other away. Accepting these   oddities in ourselves is the
first act of tolerance that makes it possible to trust one another.  When Uranus enters a new room it throws on the lights, and
exposes all that is in that 'room' to be cleaned out, pulling the rug out from under as it goes, forcing you to move forward in
new directions.

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    URANUS -  in Aries - 2010-2018

Briefly we will find Uranus in Aries from May 27th then retrogrades on July 5th into Pisces and back to Pisces on August 14th.  
It will be direct on December 6th in Pisces.  On March 12th 2011 it will be in Aries for eight years.

When it is in Aries we will find that it will open our selves and the world to new exciting innovations.

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Uranus goes retrograde

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