Carla Mary's   March 2019 issue
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Winter is ending and spring is in the air.  Well down here in Florida, we have not had winter, but warm weather as most of the country is
experience dramatic differences in climate changes.  Not only are we affected by the dramatic energy shifts happening but  so is mother earth.  
We are receiving disasters and economic issues because of this.  What can we do as light workers to assist in the shifts that are continuing to
happen?  By sending the earth healing, love and light energy.  Everyone can do it.  You do not have to be a Reiki practitioner to send healing.

Here is an exercise that I would like you to try.  You will feel the chi energy move through you and out through your hands.  Now you are probably
wondering how this is possible.  We all channel chi / universal life force energy; otherwise we would not be alive.  It enters from the
universe/Divine and enters our crown chakra.  Passes through our vessel and circulates, as it energies us.   Our feet are channels that allow the
chi energy to exit.  This is where we ground our energies and release negative energy.  Through our hands is another channel that we process out
positive energy.  It is said that we receive information or perceive information / energy through our left and our right hand is our giving hand.  
However, when you are sending energy it sent with both.   Now take a minute and imagine this white / golden light entering above your head,
into the crown chakra.  Circulating throughout your body, feeling the energy, power and warmth.  Now feel the energy as it releases out through
the feet and connects with mother earth. (Have both feet on the ground)  With your hands / palms facing downward, (you can also place a plant
in front of you) just allow this energy to flow freely out through your hands.  Not forcing the energy out, but allowing it to flow.  You can feel your
hands warming, tingling or a sensation coming through.  

That is all you need to do to send the earth healing, love and light.  It is in your intent before you start to send the mother earth this energy.   This
can be done outside or have a picture of the earth or a place that you would like to send this positive energy to.  

Start by being in a comfortable position.  Surround yourself with white light.  (
Read more on protecting your energy with the bubble of light).  Take
a few deep breaths in and out. Placing your palms towards where you would like the energy to send. (if outside, direct it downward to the earth,
to a tree or what ever comes to you ~ as this is your guidance speaking).  You can spend a few minutes or up to an hour.  After doing this a few
times you will have a knowing of when to stop.  Usually it is a sensation that the energy is not flowing through your hands anymore or just a

    March Class Schedule

Location of my classes ~ At my office in Sarasota 7101 S. Tamiami Trail suite A.  More information about each class and to RSVP  

New Moon GIM with Clear Quartz
Wed. 6th   6:30pm    $15    RSVP by noon of the day of class
The power of the new moon is the best time to manifest what we desire.  In the class you will receive a clear quartz point to assist in this process.

Healing and clearing the chakras GIM
Sat 9th  4 pm   $10    RSVP by noon of the day of class
This guided imagery meditation will guide you in healing each chakra by a deep relaxation state of meditation. Through this process the releasing
and healing can be done.

Meeting your Spirit Guides and Angels GIM w/ Gallery reading
Sun. 17th  2 pm    $25   RSVP and prepayment by 3/16
A guided imagery meditation to start this event of meeting your spirit guides and angels.  Then followed with brief messages from Spirit to
everyone that attends.

Full Moon Meditation and Releasing  
Thur. 21st  6:30 pm     $10   RSVP by noon of the day of class
This moon is very powerful to heal and release.  The meditation will assist in healing and releasing. Come to this with a list of everything you
want to release and heal.

Past life / Akashic records
Sat. 23rd  6 pm   $15  RSVP by noon of the day of class
An all time favorite of many of my clients.  You will be guided into a deep state of meditation and exploring a past life.  

Color visualization and breath work GIM
Sat. 30th  4 pm    $10 RSVP by noon of the day of class
The power of healing through the use of color and breath work.  You will be guided in visualizing colors and breathing.  A great way to heal

Reiki Level One
Sun. 31st    9 am till approx. 5 pm    $75  RSVP and prepayment by 3/27
Start your journey of healing and empowerment.  Level one is for everyone to heal themselves.  A full day of healing and learning.

    Remember that positive thoughts and actions bring back positivity and prosperity to you!

Specials for the month

First time clients receive a choice of either:  60 minute Reiki session or 60 minute Relaxation/Swedish or Therapeutic Massage $37 reg. 65

Purchase 4 ~ 60 minute relaxation/therapeutic massage sessions and receive 1 ~ 60 minute relaxation / therapeutic massage session free

50% off items at my ETSY store    

If you are local in the Palmetto or Sarasota FL area and would like to purchase and pick up items
and save shipping charges, please contact me.

Visit my Etsy store for a full line of my products

Channeling Divine light to make changes that are needed in your life

Before listening to this audio make a list of all the changes that you truly feel that are needed in your life at this time.  Write them down on paper
and make sure to take your time.  You can write down one and then listen to the audio or write down more than one, it will be all up to you. If you
do not know what exactly ways you need to change things in your life in order for things to move forward ~ write on the paper what you want in
your life and with your intent through this guided channeling, Divine and the Universe will assist and show you.  It may not be immediate, but
when your ready within hours or days, you will be guided and shown.  You can review this guided audio to assist in showing you what you need to
know and also empower you through channeling this form of manifesting.

Get yourself in a comfortable place, where you will not be disturbed.  Place the list on your lap or in your left hand and your right hand over the
list. Then start the audio.  
Click here to listen   (Please note that Foxfire browser needs add ons to listen to audio and you may have difficulty
listening to it.  Chrome and Internet explore works)

Rewind Effect Therapy

Manipulating the body’s natural energy that is effective on rewinding to a state of harmony and balance.

This unique way of the session releases and heals on many levels. It rewinds the mind / body / spirit to a state of balance and harmony.  An
approach of releasing techniques that are non-invasive and allows the individual to release and regain balance.  It is a mixture of my therapies of
my unique energy technique, acupressure, craniosacral, massage and reiki.

The session starts by the client giving brief information on concerns that they would like focused on in the session.  This can be giving at the time
of scheduling the appointment.  Depending on areas of focus, the time for massage will be focusing on areas that time allows.  You may choose
to have the entire session of the techniques and no massage.  During the session, essential oils are used at times.  Please advise me if you prefer
no essential oils.

Session time 60 minutes or 90 minutes
Your choice to have included in session a massage that focuses in on certain targeted areas or no massage.

What clients said about this therapy:

  • ‘When she cradled my head I could tell her energy was completely different than others.  I had chronic migraines and during the session it
    went away.  No more migraines and they have not returned.’ Debra, Sarasota
  • ‘I have had spine issues since childhood that has caused problems throughout my life.  It was amazing how my back feels aligned and how
    wonderful I feel since the treatment.’ Client from Orlando that is an MD
  • ‘Amazing how Carla Mary was able to relieve the problem that I had in my lower back, hip and leg.  The therapy was very light over the
    trigger points that I only thought that without being painful it would not work.  I stood up after it was done and could not believe how I felt.  
    I am able to do my walking in the park again.  Just a miracle.’ ~ Client in Sarasota
  • ‘I could feel the energy go through my body in gentle waves.  The experience was very calming and made me feel very light and at peace.  
    An experience that has put me back in balance.’ ~ Client in Sarasota

How to select a crystal

When looking for a crystal ~  ‘how do you know which one is the best for you?’

You decide now is the time to first use a crystal or you may have been for a while.  Then you head to the place that sells them and of course you
can purchase them online now at reasonable and sometimes less expensive than a store.   You are standing in front of a bin or a basket that is
full of the crystal that you are looking to purchase.  But you are unsure of which one of the many of the same that are all together.  

This month starts the beginning of transformation for Mother Earth and even some individuals.  It is a time of a
period of dormancy to awakening and rebirthing.  This new start is a powerful transformational time of opportunities, new beginnings, clarity and
change to happen.   Nature has taught us that through the winter time it is a time of being dormant, going within and death of the old way.  In
order to have new, if its opportunities, new beginnings or better things to happen, you have to have this time.  Seasons take time and so do
change.  The season of spring can come soon or can be delayed a bit.  In our lives we find this as when we let go and heal it may be a little longer
time for us to readjust and be ready for this transformation.  But it will be there, just be patient.  Yes I know, the worst word most do not want to
hear is (in my whisper voice for some) patience.  

    You can achieve your goals and dreams and manifesting wonderful things into your life.

I do offer healing session that focuses in on your goals and manifesting what you desire that are incorporated into the healing sessions.
here to find out more.

Enhancing your bath ritual ~ Removing stress and tension

This is a great way to remove toxins and stress from your body.  Our muscles and tissue can hold onto a lot of toxins from our environment, stress
and what we intake.  Epsom salts added to the bath is known to release toxins from the muscles.  It is used for sprains, strains and tired
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                                                  Affirmations & Mantras

    Thoughts are an important part of your inner wisdom-and they are very powerful. A thought held long enough and
    repeated often enough becomes a belief. A belief then becomes your biology. Beliefs are energetic forces that create the
    physical basis for your individual life and your health.

Do you know that our emotions and what we are doing in our life regarding situations and our attitude will
attract which type of guides and spirits that are with us?

We can attract either those of the light or those of the dark to us by our emotions and what situations we get involve with.  If we carry with us
negative emotions for a while we will attract the shadow to us. It is us that attract them to us and not the other way.  Even if we carry sadness for
a while, we will attract more of the shadow.  Even those with very negative aggressive and controlling attitudes will more attract them than the

There are spirit guides of the light and those of the dark or shadow as some will call them.  It is important to watch your emotions and things that
we do because we do attract them to us.  We all have to experience and have emotions, but for how long to carry them is what can lower our
vibration and cause blocks within ourselves.  

Even our environment and place that we are can have either or.  From these places we can pick up entities and shadow by being at.  One of these
places is bars because of the lower vibration of alcohol and that attracts lower entities and vibrations not to mention shadow entities and
disruptive spirits


    One of the most important things to do during a meditation is to allow your spiritual and intuitive side to unfold.  It is all
    about allowing your imagination to take place.  The most important thing to do is not to try to analysis anything during
    the meditation.  Some say that guided meditation is like watching a movie on a screen.  Guided imagery meditation has
    you part of the events by participating in or watching it.

    Some individuals do not see images right away but will see colors, which are energy or just sense things.  It is the
    experience that counts the most.  Feeling the emotions, energy, peacefulness and many other experiences that you can
    occur during meditation process.  

    It is so important not to push yourself to see things or expect too much right away.  This all takes time.

Essential oils

Do you know that you can put on your acupressure points certain types of oils that will enhance the healing of that meridian point?  

Place on the acupressure / meridian point essential oils that associate with it will enhance the healing of it.

Do you know that you should not put pure essential oils directly on the skin?  They should be mixed with a base.  A base is either some form of
liquid or cream.  Examples would be; creams, lotions or oils like jojoba, coconut, olive, sesame and etc.  The ratio should be 7 to 10 drops of one
or mixture of essential oils to one ounce of a base.  Lavender and Tea Tree are the only two essential oils that are safe to put directly on the
skin.  Otherwise it can be toxic.  

Chakra Blocks and Balances

When the chakras are functioning normally, each will be open, spinning to metabolize the particular energies needed from the universal energy
field. Each chakra vibrates or rotates at a different speed. The root or first chakra rotates at the slowest speed, the crown or seventh chakra at
the highest speed.  

When a chakra is blocked or unbalanced our basic life force energy will slow down.  You may have feelings of listless, tired, out of sorts or even
depressed.  Not only does this affect the physical body by the way it functions but also the mind and Spirit.  Our thought processing my be
affected.  Thoughts of negative attitude, fear, doubt and other things like that may affect the individual.
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    I hope that you enjoyed this month's issue.

             Blessings of love & light,

                       Carla Mary