Happy New Year

I want to express my sincere appreciations to all my clients and those that follow me. Blessing to all of you for your heartfelt
messages that I receive on how much you appreciate my work and writings.

We say goodbye to 2018 and welcome in 2019 with open arms wide. Be ready to embrace the New Year with eagerness to
move forward from any limitations that were from the past year and years before. Bring into this New Year with an open
heart, gratitude and grace.

    Try this visualization meditation on seeing yourself take the strings that held you to the old and past that kept you
    from moving forward. Now see them being removed and released from you. By releasing them, this allows you to
    move forward to abundance and prosperity on all levels of your life.

We all should be feeling more relief and things working for us in our lives without as much effort that we had to put into
everything we do. This will be mostly true for those that did do their inner work and have allowed themselves to grow
spiritually in some way. Some individuals may have just recently gained insight onto which direction they do need to go on.
Whenever you do receive that message, make sure to follow through on it. Try never to put it off, because our someday may
never come if we procrastinate.

Many are taking the journey of awakening when it calls upon you to take that path. One thing that I can assure you, it is not
hard at all. It is hard if you try to control it and will not let go. In reality it can be much easier than others make it out to be.

Things to remember for all those that seem that ever step forward you keep on doing more steps back. Or those that seems
to be constantly rushing or caught up in the daily mundane world. Make this goal, pledge or new path ~ or whatever you
want to name it ~ ‘I honor each step, to be fully present in the process as it unfolds.’ By no means that you will not set goals
and achieve things. But you will be not in a rush, be more conscious so that you will not disregard the many steps it takes to
get from here to there. Even including the steps that you take that are lessons and challenges you are learning. Make each
step that you take be acknowledged and honored.

My you welcome in the New Year with new beginnings with peace and love for all individuals

Blessings of love & light
Carla Mary

    My new location is at 7101 South Tamiami Trail, Suite A Sarasota FL
        located inside of Xiong's Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture.
    Hours ~ Monday ~ Friday 9 am till 7 pm and Saturday 9 am till 4 pm
                                 by appointment only

Manifesting Circle

It’s that time of year again to make your yearly manifesting circle. We can manifest things that we want and desire in your
life by many different ways. Here is an easy way to do so that can be done at the beginning of the year. Continue reading

    Class schedule

    Wed. 16th   Healing and clearing the chakras GIM
    This guided imagery meditation will guide you in healing each chakra by a deep relaxation state of
    meditation. Through this process the releasing and healing can be done.

    Fri. 18th Opening the intuitive mind GIM
    A meditation that opens your intuitive side that puts your intuitive mind by guiding you through the
    journey.  You will be viewing through your intuitive mind through this process.

    Mon. 21st  Full Moon total eclipse GIM
    This moon is very powerful with an eclipse.  The meditation will assist in healing and releasing. Come to
    this with a list of everything you want to release and heal.

    Sat. 26th Past life / Akashic records
    An all time favorite of many of my clients.  You will be guided into a deep state of meditation and
    exploring a past life.  

    Sun. 27th Reiki Level One
    Start your journey of healing and empowerment.  Level one is for everyone to heal themselves.  A full day
    of healing and learning.

    Wed. 30th Color visualization and breath work GIM
    The power of healing through the use of color and breath work.  You will be guided in visualizing colors
    and breathing.  A great way to heal yourself.

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Many of you start New Year’s resolutions on the first of the year, but because you don’t make internal changes, the
resolutions fall away very quickly. Until you make the inner changes and are willing to do some mental work, nothing out
there is going to change. The only thing you need to change is a thought—only a thought. Even self-hatred is only hating a
thought you have about yourself. What can you do for yourself this year in a positive way? What would you like to do this
year that you did not do last year? What would you like to let go of this year that you clung to so tightly last year? What
would you like to change in your life? Are you willing to do the work that will bring about those changes?


    Spiritual intuitive Reading Specials  
    All reading receive a free Reiki session.  1 hr sessions will receive a 1/2 hr healing session.  30 minute
    sessions will receive 15 minute healing session.  ** The healing sessions in person will be done after the
    reading session.  Phone reading sessions can be done after the reading or at a scheduled different time
    after the session.

    Package deal     Purchase 4 ~ 60 minute relaxation or therapeutic massage sessions and receive one
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    First time clients can receive either 60 minute relaxation or therapeutic massage or Reiki session for $40
    reg. $65  or Deep tissue massage 60 minute $50 reg. $75

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Celebrate this 'New Year' day by bring in positive energy in your life.

One way to do this is by bringing positive energy in the home. Removing the old and negative energy in exchange for
fresh, new and positive.

Open a window or door. In your mind’s eye see all the old, negative and stagnant energy leaving from every corner,
room and space in your home. Then when you feel that it has left or after a short time, invite new, positive, abundant
and light into your dwelling. Seeing it fill every room, corner and everything in your home.

You can even choose to light a white candle while doing this. The white candle signifies positive energy and the white
light of Divine. Smudging the home and your self is also an excellent way to welcome the new year in. I have an audio on
how to do this on my website
Smudging   that explains it. You can also do any form of releasing way of removing old
energy. It can be through meditation, purification / cleansing, prayer or ritual.

Check out my website for more information on different ways to manifest, clear energy, and heal and my sessions that I

    This month we have two powerful eclipses happening.  Follow me on Facebook to find out more
    about what is happening daily in the planets.  I have daily affirmations, positive quotes and angel
    messages.  During the month I offer free drawings.  Carla Mary Connecting the tools for the mind body

Referral Fee Credits Available  ~  For every new client you send me that receives a paid session, you will receive
$10 credit off your next session with me.  They can be added up and used too.  I always ask new clients how they found
out about me.  When your referral says your name that you referred and after they receive their session, I will notify you
that you have a credit.  Referral credits are good for 6 months after receiving them.  All sessions are confidential.