Seasons Greetings!   Welcome to this month's issue of my newsletter!

The year has gone by fast.  I took a little break from writing my newsletter, apologies to those
that wrote that they missed reading it.  Great news I would like to share ~ I have just opened a
new location in Sarasota!  I am doing all my sessions and classes there.  Location is ~ 7101
South Tamiami Trail, Suite A, Sarasota.  It is in Xiong Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Clinic.
Sessions are available Monday - Saturday by appointment.  Please visit my pages on S
intuitive sessions, Massage and Holistic Healing and Class Schedule page for all the new and
wonderful sessions I offer.

For this month, let us spend as many moments that we can to count all the blessings that we
have in our lives.  Even if you think that you have only a few, just know it will increase.  
Remember that when you have accepted and have abundance in your life, it will increase.  
Gratitude will always increase your abundance.

The month of December is a time of being grateful for all the blessings that we do have.  What a
better way each day to give thanks to your blessings.  If it’s upon waking or prayers at night
before you go to sleep, give thanks to the blessings that you do have.  One idea is to keep a jar or
bowl in your home to jot down your blessings each day.  See how they add up. Keep a stack of
small pieces of paper or sticky notes to write them down when they enter your mind while in
your car or at your work.  

When we are thankful for all the blessings that Divine and the Universe has done for us, as we
give thanks to them, more will come to us.  

Mantra ~ ‘I am blessed.  I am very blessed.’
Affirmation ~ ‘I am very blessed and grateful for all that I receive from the Universe.’

May all of you be blessed with love, joy and happiness during this time of the year.  During this
holiday season, may we keep in our hearts and our prayers those that are in need at this time.  
Even our prayers make a difference to send someone love and light during this time.  

I hope that you will enjoy my newsletter.  If you have any comments or suggestions of topics or
anything, please feel free to email me.

    Blessings of love & light
            Carla Mary
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New Session that I am offering ~ CBD oil massage

This is truly a deep relaxing experience massage.  Massage therapy is well known for its many
positive effects it has on the mind and body plus and all over wellness feeling.  CBD oil is known
for its calming effect without the psychoactive effect.  It has an anti-inflammatory properties
and other effects on the physical and mental health.  
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    Class Schedule ~ December 2018  NEW Location at my new office in Sarasota

    Wed. 12/12 Guided Imagery Meditation Chakra Healing
    6:30pm  $10 RSVP by noon 12/12

    Saturday 12/22 Full moon meditation
    6:00 pm  $10 RSVP by noon 12/22

    Friday 12/28 Past life / Akashic Records GIM
    7 pm $15  RSVP by noon 12/28

    Saturday 12/29 Reiki 1 ~ level one
    9 am - approx. 5 pm RSVP 12/26 $75

    Specials for the month

Gift certificates available
60 minute Reiki session  $40 reg $65      
60 minute relaxation or therapeutic massage $40 reg $65      
** Limit purchase of 2 per customer, 1 for yourself and 1 for a gift.  Can not repurchase within
180 days.  More information about this at time of ordering.

Purchase 4 ~ 60 minute relaxation/therapeutic massage sessions and receive 1 ~ 60 minute
relaxation / therapeutic massage session free     

Purchase through my Monthly special page

First time clients receive a choice of either:
60 minute Reiki session or 60 minute Relaxation/Swedish or Therapeutic Massage $40 reg. 65
60 minute Deep tissue massage $50 reg. 75

Big Sale at my Etsy store
Free shipping on jewelry, crystals and some homemade items on my Etsy store.
(domestic shipping only in the USA)

If you are local in the Palmetto or Sarasota FL area and would like to purchase and pick up items
and save shipping charges, please contact me. I will send you a link to my web page to purchase
the item and give you information on pick up location.

Visit my Etsy store for a full line of my products ~

Referral Fee Credits available when you refer new clients to me.  Find out more
What have you learned this year that made yourself grow or learned some lessons that allowed
you to free karma, lessons or challenges.  It could be something that you are proud of yourself for
learning or doing.

It could be that you are learning that who you allow in your inner circle of friends should be for
your highest good.  Recently I was reflecting back on how I have learned this some years back.  It
is not what they do for a living or what they have but their morals and integrity is what truly
counts.  We can surround ourselves with individuals in our personal life that can lower our
vibration, not allow us or them to move forward and keep drama and chaos in our lives.

Take this time before the end of the year to reflect back on what you learned that made a true
difference in your life.

Now before the beginning of the year, think of what you want to accomplish for the next coming
year ahead.  Making a manifestation circle/board,
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For all that read this post, just take a second, a minute or few minutes to say a prayer, positive
thought or positive energy to those that are going through the horrible and chaos events that are
happening in this country and the world at this time. There are so many events that currently
happening or just have that brought devastation to so many lives. Take this moment to send
positive energy of love and light to those that need to heal, to get through this time and
surround them with love, light and healing that their soul needs at this time.

It is important to remember to limit the negative thoughts and energy of hate, frustration and
sending negative energy out at anytime. So many individuals are consumed with hate and anger
which is all negativity for the new president and what the election was all about. Remember
that negativity consumes you and those around you that you project outward and will come
back to you. It causes not positive things to happen to you but negative. Negative energy weakens
your energy field and can make you ill and like a magnet for negativity. I know its hard or your
decision to still be upset and negative, but projecting positive energy out that only positive
things will happen for our highest good only will change this world. By sending hate and
negative out there, you are giving more power and energy for bad to happen. WE as a whole on
this earth plane need to change the energy field and world for better, not for the worst. See how
things will change for you when you let go and let positive in or shut that door to the negative
and send it positive light. You are rewarded with positive energy only. ~ Blessing of love and light

Holiday Aroma

During the season what most people remember is the scents that trigger our memory and moods
for joy and remembering the past holidays.  The following are blends you can do to use in a
diffuser to make your home or space to bring cheer in the air.  
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    At times we find ourselves in a dark place when we comply with others that are not
    for our highest good. It may be feelings of defeat, fear or loneliness. This could even be
    our own defeat we have with self-sabotage.

    Next time you feel that way, take a moment to do the following ~ close your eyes and
    visualize a core of golden light entering up through your feet, through your entire body
    and through the crown/top of your head. Experience this light as your strength, your
    core of power to give you strength in your entire being.

ANGER or ANXIETY: To calm rage, anger or anxiety firmly hold the middle finger & breathe
slowly & deeply for 2 minutes. This opens the Pericardium Meridian & balances emotions.
Healing energy moves through this finger due to the meridians. So if someone gives you this
finger, you'll know they’re sending you tons of healing energy!