February 2018 Newsletter

Sending positive chi to this year that it will be filled with joy, happiness, bliss, harmony, abundance and healing.  The
journey that we call life is never ending.  I truly hope that you will choose to embrace your gifts and abilities.  It is time to
shine the light within you and focus on your light. We all came to this earth plane with intent and purpose to grow as a
soul in your own unique way.  Never doubt how truly important you are or ever dim your light for anyone.  ALLOW
yourself to take this month, or more, to find and claim your gifts and abilities that are within and to find the LOVE inside
of your own self.  Remember that loves starts within you.

Love is a satisfying, pacifying, deeply healing state of awareness. Love is an active choice, a lifestyle, a mindset that
seeks out and celebrates the good in all of life. Love knows no limits or bounds and is not contained by physical

I want to encourage you to be in LOVE in a way that might be new to you: Self Love.

February is the month of love. But, regardless of the date, the holiday, the season, love has to start with loving thyself.  It
is what stabilizes us in relationships by truly loving our self.  The unconditional love begins to flow freely, without any
conditions or demands.  

When was the last time you dropped within side of yourself to find that spark of the light that is divine light that is within
you and all of us? We search our soul’s inner pure essence for the light of Divine, the light of love within it; we find the
inner peace and the knowledge that is there. Within this light there is pure love, peace and happiness.

When was the last time that you bathed yourself and unconditional love? When was the last time you felt the
unconditional love and light being sent from divine and from the universe?

Experiencing unconditional love 7:00  Click here to listen to this guided visualization

May all of you feel blessed by the universal unconditional love energy.

Blessings of Love & Light
Carla Mary

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Rose Quartz ~ the stone of love

This stone is widely known for the qualities of love and especially unconditional love.  Continue reading

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    Girasol quartz

Heart chakra

The heart is located in the breast area.  From the back it is the middle of the thoracic part of the spine/back. The color
associated with the heart chakra is green.  A medium green; not too light and not too dark.  The only time this chakra is
radiating pink in color is the unconditional love and the deep love experience which are only temporary states and only
last for short periods of time.  (minutes or an hour)  and the color is green.  This is considered the fourth chakra.  Also
known as the unconditional love center and the Anahata chakra.  The element associated with the heart is air.

Heart chakra blocks and how to heal them

Find ways to heal the heart chakra and identify the blocks that are within.  Continue reading

Sending Gods Love

God I send your perfect love ahead of me into this day. I send your love into all of my thoughts, words and deeds. I send
your love to everyone I will come in contact with today, in person, by mail or on the phone. I send your love into every
communication today. I fill this home to overflowing with your divine love so that all who enter here, myself included, will
feel your loving presence. I send your love to myself, to my body and into my relationships, my work and my finances.
God, I send your love out to everyone in this city, this state, this country and to everyone on earth. I send an extra
abundance of love to all the world leaders. I cover this planet with a huge cloud of God’s love and I send beams of love to
every man, woman and child on earth leaving no one out.

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February is known for the month of love.  If you are currently in a relationship or wanting one, the most
effective way of having a secure and enduring relationship is having an open heart and releasing the past.

Things to remember ~

•        Release the past hurts to allow for love to enter your life.  
•        In order to have a solid and fulfilling relationship with someone new, you should not put the faults of another on
them of what you experienced in the past.  
•        Undo and let go of the fear.
•        Love gives the ultimate security, so take a chance.    
•        Live in the moment and not the past or future.
•        Embrace love to enter and being there for you.
•        Express and experience it.
•        Love is the only sure thing.

Try this visualization meditation ~ Visualize seeing yourself take the strings that held you to the old and past
that kept you from moving forward. Now see them being removed and released from you. By releasing them, this allows
you to move forward to abundance and prosperity on all levels of your life.

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