Welcome everyone to this month’s issue of my newsletter.

Wow is the only way to describe the energy shifts happening this past month.  One of the most powerful
positive one was the new moon solar eclipse.  The energy was very powerful and can accelerate great
things to happen to people that are on their path and or living in a positive direction.  Even my outside kitties
felt the power of the energy.  About an hour before, the two cats that live part time in my back yard (and
yes they have been trapped, fixed, released) both jumped on my outside window sill where I was in my
office and just sat there for about an hour.  Usually at that time they are napping under one of my trees or
bushes.  My inside ones were running around the house like there was being chased.    I could feel a very
high vibrational energy that could be described as an excited or nerves energy. This may have that I was
picking up on everyone collectively energy in the country of waiting and watching this great event.  Or the
powerful energy of this eclipse.  Before the new moon solar eclipse was the beginning of the month with a
full moon lunar eclipse.  Then a week later Mercury turned retrograde.

My favorite time of year is the fall.  It is when temperatures start to get cooler down here in Florida.  But
the most beautiful thing about this time of year is that Mother Nature has everything changing to wonderful
colors of fall.  Being here in Florida there is not the dramatic color changes like I remember when I lived up
north ~ YES I truly miss that beauty that Mother Nature has to offer.  Fall is a time of harvesting and clearing
things in preparing for winter.  Just as in nature harvesting and clearing, in our lives we  harvest the things
that we have manifested.  For the clearing, it is the healing and letting go of what we have accumulated that
we may have built up in our energy field, energy centers and life in general.  This can be the things that are
blocking you from growing and moving forward.  It could be emotions that you are currently dealing with
and situations or things of the past.  Now is the time to realize just how wonderful you are and worthy of
raising your vibration and not allowing negative energy to affect you no longer.  Start your healing journey
today.. I offer in person healing sessions, distant healing and teach Reiki classes.  Visit my
class schedule for
the upcoming next Reiki class and view my
Healing sessions page to assist you on this journey.

Enjoy this month's issue ~

Blessings of love & light

Carla Mary

    Remember to give back thanks for all your blessings and miracles that happen to you.  A great way of
    doing that is to designate a large vase or jar for collecting your blessings.  You can put the name on it
    of Blessings or whatever you feel appropriate.  Then every time you feel blessed or have a miracle
    happen, write it down on a piece of paper and place it in the jar. Another way is to say a mantra every
    day and say it three times throughout the day 'I am blessed, I am blessed, I am blessed', or 'I am very
    grateful for all the abundance of blessings I have.' as an affirmation each day.  Remember that if you
    feel it and live like it’s happening, it will be attracted to you!

Coming soon!  Sound healing sessions & guided mediation on healing the chakras with sound healing ~
singing bowls & tuning forks.

    Guides of the light would never influence or give you messages to do any harm to you or
    your vessel.  They would never relay messages to you to drink alcohol, take drugs (other
    than medications to heal you), smoke or to do harm to others with your thoughts words or
    deeds with negativity in anyway.  Any messages that you receive in like that would not be
    from the light but that of the darkness.

When you are viewing others acting out in more than a non-positive way make sure that you are protecting
your energies.  There are simple ways of doing this.

    Class Schedule

  • Sunday, 17th ~ Learning the chakras
  • Saturday, 23rd ~ Gallery reading & meditation on meeting your angels & spirit guides
  • Sunday, 24th ~ Reiki 1
  • Saturday, 30th ~ Psychometry
  • Saturday, 20th ~ Past life / Akashic records

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    eyes) during meditation, yoga, healing session and other modalities for healing,
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    The pillows are made of cotton blend material.  Filled with rice, 6 pieces of
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    eye through meditation, visioning and development of the third eye)

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    The energies from this crystal assist in feeling calm, relaxed, optimistic and hopeful.  Its amplifying
    affects to bring in creativity and focusing in on your life.  Girasol quartz can be used for spiritual
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Watch out for signs in nature and all around us

I was going for my daily walk in the park when I was just about done on the pathway that heads to the exit.  
On the ground I saw a woolly caterpillar.  It caught my eye and I tried to get it off the pathway so that no
one would step on it. This caterpillar was quite large and a fast mover to say the least.  Up ahead on the
path were few people looking at me and smiling.  I guess they knew what I was doing or maybe spirit was
smiling through them.  After a couple of days of having that thought in my mind about the little guy
(caterpillar) I decided to look it up and find out what kind it was.  Knowing that caterpillar means
transformation and a metamorphism type ~ into a butterfly.  It’s the time before birth. I found it and found
out this woolly caterpillar which turns into the Isabella moth / butterfly.  The description said that with
proper care, in the end of spring to early summer it will turn into the Isabella moth/butterfly.  My whole
body had goose bumps.  That was the message from spirit.  The beginning of June, on 3rd to be precise, my
daughter is having a girl and her name is Isabella Rose.  (This happened back in 2013)

We sometimes need to clear our daily thoughts and material world thoughts from our mind to be open to
receiving signs and guidance.  ~ Thank you spirit for such a wonderful blessing and one that have arrived.

Example ~ One of signs in natures is dragon flies.  If you are seeing a lot of them or it is grabbing your
attention, ask your self are you overly daydreaming. (Too much daydreaming)  Sometimes we can be not
focusing on things and allowing our minds and imaginations to take over too much.  This is a chakra black of
the third eye and crown by over daydreaming.

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