Welcome to November 2017 issue of my newsletter!

Yes!  Cooler weather finally arrived in Florida after horrible heat and terrible storms that has affected us and the
whole country and world.  Positive chi energy to all those that are and have been affected by the events here on earth
from weather wise and horrible events that have happened.   

We have moved into fall where nature is so beautiful with all the changes happening.  Nature teaches us to let go,
shed the old and to make way for new beginnings.  It is for us to trust that we will be fine through change and in order
for new things to begin, we must let go and change or transform in some way.

We all count our blessings or asked to.  Think of 5 different things that you are thankful for the blessings besides the
common ones of family, your house, job, money.  Can you name at least 5 things that you are blessed?  It may seem
not much, but to spirit the little things do count.  Make sure to give thanks for even the smallest blessings when they

Enjoy this month's issue and please share with others!
Blessings of love and light!

Carla Mary

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Ask Carla Mary

Q: Can you give information on crystals, essential oils, feng shui and other things that can assist people trying to
withdraw from opioids and other addiction problems?  Anything for the house where the recovering addict will be
staying when they come home?  ~ Meg from face book

A: Meg ~ Addiction is a long road of recovery not just for the one with the issue but the entire family.  They need a
strong support system from all those around them.  Dealing with addiction is also dealing with their emotional state
and where it stems from.  Make sure that they are receiving counseling from a trained medical professional is the key
to recovery.  To get to the root or heart of the matter is the key to a road to success.

The word ‘root’ of the matter direct us to the chakra that addictions are a block in which is the root or base chakra.  
Healing this chakra is the key.  More information on this chakra can be found on two of my pages;
base chakra and
healing the blocks in the base chakra.  Reiki is a wonderful healing modality that can assist a person in recovery.  I
offer in person
sessions and long distant sessions.  Self-healing and different ways that can be incorporated into the
healing practice can be found on my page healing the blocks in the base chakra.  Through affirmations, mantras,
meditation and more.

Asian theory says that too much heat or warmth may contribute to addiction issues.  An imbalance in this area is
present and balance is needed.  Feng Shui is about energy and restoring balance and harmony where needed.  
Addictions to alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex, work, etc. are an imbalance in the person’s chi (energy).  

Clearing the energy of the home.  Remove the negative stagnant energy by smudging with white sage.  A very easy
thing to do and the results are wonderful.  Make sure to have a window or door open while doing this for the negative
energy to leave.  Visualize all the past and negative energy leaving.   My webpage on
smudging has audios on
smudging your home and yourself to listen to.  Purchase sage on my
etsy store.

Crystals for assisting in overcoming addictions

There are many types of crystals that can be used.  CONTINUE READING

Essential oils for addiction recovery

Essential oils are used in diffusers, a drop on tissue and used to smell when needed.  It can be used with a carrier oil
or base.  Rules of thumb only use 7 – 10 drops of carrier/base per drops to be used on skin.

There are many different essential oils that can be used.  

If you have a question that you would like to ask, please email me.  It can be on healing, chakras, metaphysical,
paranormal etc.  This is not an individual reading session but to give information on questions or topics you
may have.

    Winner for last month’s drawing for the numerology chart is Jacquelyn

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    physical or emotional issue for the healing to be directed to, please let me know when you enter.  Otherwise,
    the healing will be sent to all the chakras.  I will email you information on what to expect before and after the
    healing session to the winner.  Winner will be notified by email.  

    Astrology chart

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    information needed to do the chart, which will be emailed to the winner.

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    wonderful affects of healing helped you after the event.  

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    Essential oils for holiday stress

    During the season what most people remember is the scents that trigger
    our memory and moods for joy and remembering the past holidays.  The
    following are blends you can do to use in a diffuser  to make your home
    or space to bring cheer in the air.  CONTINUE READING

Holiday aroma

Making your own holiday scents can be inexpensive and fun.   You can also make them for gift giving or for your own

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