Happy New Year!

I want to express my sincere appreciations to all my clients and those that follow me. Blessing
to all of you for your heartfelt messages that I receive on how much you appreciate my work
and writings.

We say goodbye to 2016 and welcome in 2017 with wide arms open. Be ready to embrace the
New Year with eagerness to move forward from any limitations that were from the past year
and years before. Bring into this New Year with an open heart, gratitude and grace.
Try this visualization meditation on seeing yourself take the strings that held you to the old
and past that kept you from moving forward. Now see them being removed and released from
you. By releasing them, this allows you to move forward to abundance and prosperity on all
levels of your life.

We all should be feeling more relief and things working for us in our lives without as much
effort that we had to put into everything we do. This will be mostly true for those that had
done their inner work and have allowed themselves to grow spiritually in some way. Some
individuals may have just recently gained insight onto which direction they do need to go on.
Whenever you do receive that message, make sure to follow through on it. Try never to put it
off, because our someday may never come if we procrastinate.

Many are taking the journey of awakening when it calls upon you to take that path. One thing
that I can assure you, it is not hard at all. It is hard if you try to control it and will not let go.
In reality it can be much easier than others make it out to be.

Things to remember for all those that seem that ever step forward you keep on doing more
steps back. Or those that seems to be constantly rushing or caught up in the daily mundane
world. Make this goal, pledge or new path ~ or whatever you want to name it ~ ‘I honor each
step, to be fully present in the process as it unfolds.’ By no means that you will not set goals
and achieve things. But you will be not in a rush, be more conscious so that you will not
disregard the many steps it takes to get from here to there. Even including the steps that you
take that are lessons and challenges you are learning. Make each step that you take be
acknowledged and honored.

May you welcome in the New Year with new beginnings with peace and love for all individuals.

Blessings of love & light
Carla Mary
Manifesting Circle

It’s that time of year again to make your yearly manifesting circle.  We can manifest things
that we want and desire in your life by many different ways.  Here is an easy way to do so
that can be done at the beginning of the year.
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Class Schedule

Sunday, January 29th 2 pm ~ Past life regression / meditation $10 Location ~ Palmetto
Sunday, February 12th 9 am ~ approx. 5 pm
Reiki 1 $75 Location ~ Palmetto

Make sure to check back later in the month for more classes that will be added.
My new Etsy shop ~ Momentsareblessed

Many of my products are available ~ charts, online CD, online classes, prayer shawl, bath
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Coming soon ~ bath bombs for cleansing, relaxing and healing.  Salt & sugar scrubs, crystals for
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2017 is a universal 1 year

In numerology this is how this year is a 1.  The total year 2017 is broken down into 2 + 0 + 1
+ 7 = 10  1+ 0 = 1 It is always made into a single digit number.

This year is all about new beginnings under the one influence.  Express your leadership abilities
and individuality.  

On the negative side of this number will bring in aggressive, cruel and violence due to narrow
focus and approach.
Are you wanting to learn to meditate, but do not know where to start or how to do it?  I offer
a 14 week, go at your own pace series on learning to meditate.  
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Chakra Healing Crystal 7 piece set

The set of chakra healing stones can be used during meditation, healing session
and chakra alignment or used individually.
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Spiritual Auric Cleansing and Healing bath salts
~ with Himalayan Salt or Sea Salt

A ritual bath is a form of spiritual cleansing that assists in the clearing of your
auric field. It can clear your aura of negative energy and lift your vibration.
Immersing yourself in a ritual cleansing bath, you are connecting to spirit by
opening yourself up to clearer vibrations. This form of cleansing is to purify the
auric field that is around your physical body. Our auric field has many purposes on
many different levels included protecting us. Taking a cleansing bath is very
different from taking an everyday bath or shower to clean our physical body. The
purpose of this form is to cleanse and protect the person spiritually and
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Selenite wands/sticks
Each selenite piece is Reiki charged to enhance the energy of this wonderful crystal.  Approx. 3"
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Every year at this time we all make resolutions that not always we can commit to or even
remember what we made.  How about this year work on your inner you?  It all starts with
forgiving yourself.  

We all blame ourselves from time to time and are our own worst critic.  Make a resolution for
yourself that anything that needs to be forgiven within yourself, that you release it now with
love and light energy.  Ask for Divine and the Angels to heal and assist in the releasing.  Having
them to send it away and heal what needs to be healed from releasing it.  Ask for them to fill
that space that was released with positive light chi energy.  

This year is all about abundance and prosperity.  The more that we heal and let go, the more
we can attract to us.  When we heal ourselves, we raise our vibration level.  By doing this, we
attract less negative situations and people to us.  

Need assistance on manifesting for this coming year or in general? My website offers
on line cds
on manifesting and my list of
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Gratitude board

What a good way to start the new year off with your kids and family or just for yourself.  

Supplies you will need:
  • Canvas (found at hardware or convenient stores in paint section)
  • Permanent marker
  • Tacks to hang or use whatever way you like to hang this

Write on top of it Gratitude in large letters.  Every day or when you feel inspired write on it
what you have gratitude for.  This is great to start the children to show appreciation for
everything.  You can even have the intent not to put anything material things that you maybe
grateful for on it.  Watch throughout the year how it transpires and look back at all your
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thoughts, updates and more  
Carla Mary ~ Connecting the tools for the mind body spirit
Wishing everyone a blessed and prosperous New Year!