Welcome to this month's issue of my newsletter!

Happy holidays everyone!

For this month, let us spend as many moments that we can to count all the blessings that we have in our lives.  Even if
you think that you have only a few, just know it will increase.  Remember that when you have accepted and have
abundance in your life, it will increase.  Gratitude will always increase your abundance.

The month of December is a time of being grateful for all the blessings that we do have.  What a better way each day
to give thanks to your blessings.  If it’s upon waking or prayers at night before you go to sleep, give thanks to the
blessings that you do have.  One idea is to keep a jar or bowl in your home to jot down your blessings each day.  See
how they add up. Keep a stack of small pieces of paper or sticky notes to write them down when they enter your mind
while in your car or at your work.   At my
etsy store, I offer blessing jars.

When we are thankful for all the blessings that Divine and the Universe has done for us, as we give thanks to them,
more will come to us.  

Mantra ~ ‘I am blessed.  I am very blessed.’
Affirmation ~ ‘I am very blessed and grateful for all that I receive from the Universe.’

May all of you be blessed with love, joy and happiness during this time of the year.  During this holiday season, may
we keep in our hearts and our prayers those that are in need at this time.  Even our prayers make a difference to send
someone love and light during this time.  

I hope that you will enjoy my newsletter.  If you have any comments or suggestions of topics or anything, please feel
free to email me.

Blessings of love & light
Carla Mary
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"I am safe and totally protected by the Universe from all energy that is not for my highest good".
"I will draw to myself today the powerful loving and protecting energies of the Universe".
What have you learned this year that made yourself grow or learned some lessons that allowed you to free karma or
challenges.  It could be something that you are proud of yourself for learning or doing.

It could be that you are learning that who you allow in your inner circle of friends should be for your highest good.  
Recently I was reflecting back on how I have learned this some years back.  It is not what they do for a living or what
they have but their morals and integrity is what truly counts.  We can surround ourselves with individuals in our
personal life that can lower our vibration, not allow us or them to move forward and keep drama and chaos in our lives.

Take this time before the end of the year to reflect back on what you learned that made a true difference in your life.
For all that read this,  just take a second, a minute or few minutes to say a prayer, positive thought or positive energy
to those that are going through the horrible and chaos events that are happening in this country and the world at this
time. There are so many events that currently happening or just have that brought devastation to so many lives. Take
this moment to send positive energy of love and light to those that need to heal, to get through this time and surround
them with love, light and healing that their soul needs at this time.

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It is important to remember to limit the negative thoughts and energy of hate, frustration and sending negative energy
out at any time. So many individuals are consumed with hate and anger which is all negativity for the new president
and what the election was all about. Remember that negativity consumes you and those around you that you project
outward and will come back to you. It causes not positive things to happen to you but negative. Negative energy
weakens your energy field and can make you ill and like a magnet for negativity. I know it’s hard or your decision to
still be upset and negative, but projecting positive energy out that only positive things will happen for our highest good
only will change this world. By sending hate and negative out there, you are giving more power and energy for bad to
happen. WE as a whole on this earth plane need to change the energy field and world for better, not for the worst. See
how things will change for you when you let go and let positive in or shut that door to the negative and send it positive
light. You are rewarded with positive energy only.
Calling upon guides, angels, or deities for protection and assistance in our lives.

Ask for help and you shall receive.   We can call upon our guardian angels, Spirit guides,
Archangels and others for their assistance in protection and more.  
At times we find ourselves in a dark place when we comply with others that are not for our highest good. It may be
feelings of defeat, fear or loneliness. This could even be our own defeat we have with self-sabotage. Next time you
feel that way, take a moment to do the following ~ close your eyes and visualize a core of golden light entering up
through your feet, through your entire body and through the crown/top of your head. Experience this light as your
strength, your core of power to give you strength in your entire being.
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Crystals to assist in reducing or relieving stress

Read all about these different types of crystals that can assist in reducing or relieving stress.  Either by holding them,
keeping them with you, meditating or healing with, they have wonderful energy vibrations that can assist you.

Apache Tear
Essential oils for the holiday season and stress release

During the season what most people remember is the scents that trigger our memory and moods for joy and
remembering the past holidays.  The following are blends you can do to use in a diffuser to make your home or space
to bring cheer in the air.
Angel's Message ~ Worry is a state of mental uneasiness.

It is natural to worry about things, but it is unnatural to let the worries take up permanent residence in our minds and
bodies.  If you cannot come up with a solution to your worry problem, ask the angels to take it from you.  They can
assist to put our worries into proper perspective.  If we only deal with the issues that cause the worries when it is at
first or begins, then they will not grow into big worries and cause us pain in our mind and body.

Worry will drain your energy causing holes in the auric field and weakening you.  If we direct the energy we are using
for worrying into some activity designed to change the energy, then our worries will be transmuted. When we worry it
is good to have something in our hands to fidget with.  Make your own set of angel worry dolls or angel worry beads.  
(Craft stores & Walmart even carries kits on making inexpensive bead sets.)  Then tell the doll or bead on of your
worries.  Ask that the angels to take the worries away from you.  That they will be healed and released to the light of
love and truth, for healing, clearing and the answers you need for a solution.

Reflection ~ When I worry, I will remember to take it easy on myself and not let the worries manifest themselves as
aches and pains in my body.  
Holiday Aroma

During the season what most people remember is the scents that trigger our memory and moods for joy and
remembering the past holidays.  The following are blends you can do to use in a diffuser to make your home or space
to bring cheer in the air.
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Remember your goals you set for this year last December or early January?

Answer the following … be honest because you are the only one will know.
·       Are you where you thought you would be when we entered into 2012?
·       What has changed or has not change?  
·       Did something distract you or put you off track?  
·       Was it something you could have avoided or steered away from?
·       Thinking back to these things, they could most likely have been lessons and challenges. Have you
overcome them yet?
·       What can put you back on target?  
·       Were you goals realistic or not?

Now let go of things that did not happen and make way for the New Year that is up ahead.  

Make a circle board for the New Year ~ start now.

Start now to think of what you want to manifest for this new coming year.  It can be your goals for career, relationship,
spiritual or life in general.  

Write down everything that comes to you that you want to achieve.  Give yourself time to do this and not rush.  I
suggest having a note book of some sorts to write it down and to keep with you when things come into your mind.  
Allowing yourself time, you can go over it and edit the list to
your true desires.  

You will need to do this, when you are all ready, a large piece of paper.  It can be regular size or even poster board.  
Next, draw a large circle in the middle of it.  Inside of the circle you will want to write all the things that you want for
the coming year.  You can even put on their for example, more positive emotions or taking care of your health.  

On the outside of the circle, write down all that you would like to remove from your life during the coming year.  It can
be negative emotions, bad situations etc.  

Write on top of it, ‘I manifest this or its equivalent, for the highest good of all, no harm to none.’
So it be. Then write the year.

Keep it either where you will see it on a regular basis or even under your bed.  You can also put your intent to add to it
if something else comes to your mind that you desire for the year. This is usually done for January 1st or even on your
birthday.  But with your pure intent, even if you missed a few days or so, set it out on the day that you finish it.