A unique method that focuses on a blend of the aesthetic and physiological.  It is also referred to as ‘Japanese Facial Massage’.  The
Zen Therapy is working with the Qi/Chi by using acupressure, massage and aromatherapy techniques.  It goes beyond the superficial
beauty of the client by bringing out the radiance of inner well being.

Traditionally, through the use of Acupressure and special manipulative massage strokes, the treatment goes beyond Swedish massage
and concentrates on opening up the acupuncture meridians that energize the face, head and shoulders to achieve a balancing and
grounding effect.

In this session I start off massaging and then the uplifting facial massage.

The focus and benefits with this therapy:

  • Increasing the flow of oxygen and blood to the facial area, neck and shoulders
  • Toning, tightening the skin and fascia
  • Lymphatic drainage and detoxification of skin and organ systems
  • Better mental alertness, focus and relaxation for the client
  • Emotional cleansing through ear, head, face and body acupressure and essential oils
  • Preventive maintenance for aging and skin blemishes
  • A decrease in fine wrinkles especially around the eyes and lips, evened skin tone, decrease in blemishes, and a brighter
  • Relief of physiological of treatment  and prevent migraines and tension headaches,  TMJ Dysfunctions, sinusitis
  • Emotional. Spiritual and Energy balancing.
  • Provides deep relaxation.
Zen Therapy ~
Uplifting Massage

1 hr $65

'Healing sessions offer a profound
spiritual healing experience and
deeper awakening.'

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