Dear Carla

I am happy to tell you that over the years, you helped me a lot in understanding myself better, knowing
my potentials with the all the different guided meditations, and to get rid of the problems that were
fueling my illness. We have fun also, it is not serious business all the time.  I will continue to come every
week, as long as you are there. I thank you for your friendship and the open heart conversations we
have.  - Love, Viv. - Sarasota, FL

The first time I got a reading I was really nervous, but Carla's such a friendly, normal person, you feel
comfortable with her right away. I was blown away by what she told me. She's amazingly accurate with
the information she gives, and she can help you with little detailed questions or long-term goals. She
helps you to see difficult issues as challenges to be overcome, and she can help you see the best way to
meet those challenges. -A happy returning customer in St. Petersburg

Working with Carla is incredible. She is a wonderful person with amazing talents and one of the most
enlightened people I have ever met.  - Love, Miriam, Sarasota, Fl

Carla's meditation classes are wonderful. I've learned to connect with my spiritual center, calm and even
heal myself through her guided meditations. -St. Petersburg

Carla is a fabulous Reiki teacher. She breaks everything down into easily understandable steps and makes
sure that everyone fully understands the techniques. She also instills a great respect for Reiki in her
students by teaching the history of Reiki and stressing the responsibilities and benefits that come with
being a Reiki practitioner. If you're interested in learning Reiki, she's the one to study with! -St.

Carla, your teachings continue to inspire me and my curiosity to know the truth grows every day. Thank
you for showing me a part of myself I didn't know was there. You were a true friend to me and my
favorite teacher (and you still are!) You are often in my thoughts and I find comfort in my memories of
your guidance when I feel lost. You are a model for the Divine Rule of Assisting Others. I found orgone
(yay) and look forward to doing my part to help strengthen the grid. I am a foot soldier for Yahushua
and take personal responsibility for awakening everyone I can to the truth of our times. God bless you
Carla; I have such admiration for you that words cannot describe; you are truly a Light among lights in
this dark and confusing world. - Shawn H. St. Pete, FL

My daughter, Shelley, first introduced Reiki to me several years ago in another state. She believed that I
would truly benefit from energy healing, and wanted me to try it since I was going through a huge
transition in my life. I experienced a releasement almost immediately. A gradual calming effect seemed to
come over me. This was a pivotal point in my life. We moved to Florida and fortunately I found Carla
Mary by word of mouth. She is an inspiration to me! I have completed Reiki I and Reiki II. Carla Mary is
my Reiki Master. She is my spiritual mentor. I have been able to let go of many personal issues. As a
result, I am able to continue on my life's journey with a calmer demeanor. I am far from being the person
I wish to become, but I'm closer to it now than ever before. Carla and I have shared many moments in
meditation, energy healing, readings and friendly conversation. Divine intervention must be how we met.
Blessings to you, Carla Mary - Nancy, Palmetto, Florida

I have been taking classes from Carla for 2 or 3 years. I think Carla is an excellent instructor, and I have
learned so much from her classes. Carla is such a kind and caring person, and I am truly blessed to have
her in my life. I have grown spiritually because of her, and I am always learning something new. Thanks
for being a part of my life Carla, and keep up the good work!  - DI, Bradenton, FL

Carla Mary is a spiritual and learned woman whose knowledge and gifts heal not only the body but also
the soul. - S. W., Sarasota FL