Psychic Party by Phone
with Carla Mary
If you are having a get together and you are out of town or in a different state and would like readings, let me know.  
Your guests receive a discounted price for having a reading during your event.

Readings are set in times of 15, 20 and 30 minutes.  Your guests choose one of the time lengths  or you can decide which time lengths for
each reading.

Please contact me for this special pricing.        941-729-5142   or 941-320-2687

I do recommend that if the party or event will be large with everyone interested in readings, that the 15 or 20 minute  readings each would
allow for all to receive a reading.  

The hostest/host receives a free reading for having this after all the readings are done.    Usually the host/hostess will use it after the party
so that they spend time with their guests.  You can use this free reading up to 6 months after your party.  

There is a deposit of $50 to reserve your party time with me.  Before we schedule this, the deposit needs to be made.  I will forward you a
link to my web page at that time.  .  I refund the deposit if 1 week (7 day) notice is given.  This is for reserving that amount of time. You may
use the deposit to add onto more time for a reading for yourself or for a gift to a guest or another individual.  If you have more guests that
would like readings at the time of the party, they may receive a reading by paying through pay pal at the party time.  It must receive
confirmation from pay pal prior to the reading.  Pay pal will send me confirmation usually within minutes of confirming the payment has

Pre payment via pay pal will be required 24 hours before the time scheduled for each of the readings.  I will email you the link to my website
to prepay for the readings.   

You may offer your guests the chance to purchase charts ~ Astrology and or numerology at a special party price of $15 each or both for $25.  
The charts my be purchased prior to the event or within a week of the event to receive this special discounted price.  They are emailed to
the guests within 48 hours after payment and information that is needed is given.  When you book the party, I will forward a link to this.

You will need to have a phone that is not cordless ~ this will insure that we do not get cut off during the readings because of batteries that
run low.  Unless you have plenty of cordless phones that are charged to use during this event.  You may also have the guests during that
time call from their cell phones instead of your phone.

The hostess/host will need to do for this event ~

  • You will be booking the readings starting at the time of the party begins and book from there onward.  
  • Make sure to let your guests know to be on time for their reading as others are waiting so they do not miss their
  • appointed time.
  • I usually do not take breaks unless the party is over 5 to 6 hours in length.  At that point, it is usually only 10 to 15
  • minutes.  
  • I do back to back readings.  When booking appointments keep that in mind so there is no time slots open more than a short break.
  • Make sure that the next person receiving a reading will be sent for the reading.
  • What you will want is a separate room or some where that not everyone will hear the reading.  
  • Have available for the guest pen and paper for note taking.

I am usually available 7 days a week, and all day and evenings available.  The time zone is eastern time zone / Florida that I live in ~ so
please take note when booking your event.

If you have a spur of the moment party and would like readings ~ if you would like to have one,  please contact me to find out my availability.

Contact me for more information and to book your event.