Offering readings to a party or event can be a great way to have fun with your friends and provide a
little thrill in an otherwise routine week. With a little effort you can host a party that your friends and
family will talk about for months.

What is a Psychic party and are you ready to have one?

A psychic party does not have to be the theme of psychic. But the meaning is that you have a gathering
of friends, family or co workers coming together for a gathering or party of what ever you have planned.

You could have readings for:

  • theme parties                             
  • executive meetings
  • corporate or fund-raising galas
  • nonprofit events
  • fairs and festivals
  • retirement
  • intimate evenings
  • birthdays     
  • holidays
  • Halloween parties  
  • proms    
  • graduation
  • bachelor & bachelorette parties
  • bridal showers   
  • baby showers    
  • girl's night out
  • retreats
  • whatever party you create!

My readings can consist of depending on what the person receiving wants to know on information: general,
love / romance, career, finances, life direction, family, their spiritual path, dream interpretation and much

How you can arrange one?

If you are already having a party, function or get together for friends, work, co workers etc, this is a
good time to ask if they would like a reading.  It does not have to be the whole theme of the party, but
some do make it the event.  I have done parties where it was the group of people for a yearly get
together, monthly ladies night out/in, holiday party etc.  The host usually decides what will take place, I
am there just to do the readings.   

The main purpose in having a party - is fun, laughs and excitement of what they find out during the

There is a minimum of paid readings to book a party at a discounted price for the readings.

Readings are either 15, 20 or 30 minutes.  

I have done many parties that are 20 or more guests that receive readings.  Usually there are 12 or
more guests in most events.

Doing parties for over ten years, I have great party tips and suggestions for themes, entertaining, food
ideas and more.  Contact me for suggestions.

Who to invite?

Invite those that have had readings before in the past, co workers, friends, relatives, neighbors, have
guest bring others, first time people that never had readings before, anyone that you know that might
like a reading - that is open to this, likes astrology, metaphysics, new age things and etc.

Who you might not want to include from past experiences in having parties - those that do not believe in
readings, spiritual or intuitive things or do not want a reading because they dislike or against their belief
system and may be verbal about it during the party.  Unfortunately, the energy can get very negative
from them and usually the individual expresses it to others that are there to enjoy themselves and have

Please note, I do not read for children under 18.  If a parent has a question about their child that is fine.

About what I do at the party, besides reading your guests ~

  • If all of the guests are there at the beginning before I start,  I will go briefly over how I do the
    readings and make sure that they have questions to ask.  Most hosts will inform the guest already
    about my readings or I can give information on a small flier about the readings.
  • Each guest that receives a reading receives a small thank you gift for attending.
  • A door prize is given to the host to raffle off to the guests.
  • I will bring different types of cards; tarot, Angel message, crystal cards, fairy cards and etc and
    things for your guest
  • to entertain themselves during the party.  
  • I will email you any other information that is needed. Also, when the time of booking the party, I
    will send you the link
    page for those that may want to pay through pay pal  or would like to purchase charts.
  • I do offer astrology & numerology charts.  This will be mailed to the person after payment is made.  
    They can choose to receive on and pay for it through pay pal before the reading.  Or during the
    party / event order one then and pay at that time.
  • I collect payment for each reading when the person comes for the reading.  (unless they prepaid
    through pay pal)  

What the hostess is responsible for ~

  • Having the party and all the stuff you have at the party; food, drinks etc.  Most hostess will have
    people bring stuff.  Contact me for suggestions.
  • You will be booking the readings starting at the time of the party begins and book from there
  • Make sure to let your guests know to be on time for their reading as others are waiting so they do
    not miss their appointed time.
  • I usually do not take breaks unless the party is over 5 to 6 hours in length.  At that point, it is
    usually only 10 to 15minutes.  
  • I do back to back readings.  When booking appointments keep that in mind so there is no time slots
    open more than a short break.
  • Make sure that the next person receiving a reading will be sent for the reading.
  • What you will want is a separate room or some where that not everyone will hear the reading.  If
    you do not have a small table or table (size really does not matter) for me to use, I will bring one
    with.  You will need two chairs for me and the person that is receiving the reading to sit upon.

Your gift for having the event ~

Host / hostess receives a free reading.  The length of time will depend on how many readings and time
the readings were done.  Please note that I do not give the free reading before or during the party until
all readings are finished.  You can have it done after the  party or after it via phone at a different
time. You can also add it to additional amount of time reading.  Most receive it after the event in order
to spend time with their guests.  If you choose to do it at a later date, please note that it must be
done within a six month expiration date.  

Special incentive for the host/hostess ~ if someone at your party books a party with me with in one
month time, you will receive $20 off your next session with me.

Pricing for the guests ~

Yes, you get a great discounted prices for your guests.  

Readings are set in times of 15, 20 and 30 minutes.  Your guests choose one of the time lengths  or
you can decide which time lengths for each reading.

Please contact me for pricing.   941-729-5142   941-320-2687

I do recommend that if the party or event will be large with everyone interested in readings, that the 15
or 20 minute  readings each would allow for all to receive a reading.  

I do have some host / hostess that do pay for the entire readings as a gift to their guests or clients.  
Some will also pay the minimum  of 2 hours or partial amount of the time and raffle it off to the group
and the others that want would pay their own readings.  It would be up to you to decide when your
booking the event.  Prepayment through pay pal would be made for the party and no deposit then would
be required.

Payment for the readings are done:

  • At the party I accept cash, local checks with proper id and credit/debit cards.  

Please make sure that everyone comes to the party with the proper amount for the reading.
I collect the payment from the guest when they first come in at their appt. time unless they pre paid
with pay pal.

Guests can choose to purchase charts before the party or after the party.  The charts are emailed to
them.  If they choose to purchase before the event, they will receive it before that date.

  • Numerology chart   $15
  • Astrology chart  $15
  • Numerology and Astrology chart  both for $25

Payment is required prior to me doing the charts. I do need at least 48 hrs before the party to have
them prepared.  This is due to my schedule and preparation of the charts.  The charts are emailed to
the person.  

If they choose to purchase during the party for afterwards, they can order it at the party or email me
within 1 week to receive these special prices.  Charts are then emailed to the person for that price.

I will have available for your guest to purchase white sage to bring with.  Cash only at party time.

available is Group Reading, click here to find out more.

A special offer for those that do not receive a reading at the party that may…

They can receive the same rate of the party if they book a reading within one week time period after
that date.

You may have a guest that you have invited that is not local or long distance.  They may have found out
that you are having a party and would like to have a reading.  I do offer phone readings for those that
could not attend for those reasons.  They would just have to pre pay through pay pal.  Or have the
host/hostess or someone in the party pay for their session and they work out payment arrangements
among themselves. Please make sure that you have a non cordless phone (if not I have one to bring).  
This is to ensure that the batteries do not die during the reading or run out.

  • Those that were not able to attend from your invitation
  • Those that are at the party that decide not to receive a reading at that time and then may decide
    to get one after the party date
  • Those that could not receive a reading during the party time for some reason and wanted one but
    time did not permitted it.

There is a minimum  to book an party.   I am able to travel to your location within 50 miles.  If it is
over 50 miles, additional cost for driving expense.  I am located in Northern Manatee county near the
skyway bridge.  Up to 50 miles would cover; Charlotte, Sarasota, Manatee, Pinellas, Hillsborough and
some parts of Polk and Pasco counties.

A deposit of $50  is necessary book your date.  Deposit of $50 will be refunded after the event or put
towards the cost of a reading or session with me. It must be made to reserve your date for the
party/event.   All cancellations must be done 1 week (no less than 7 days) prior to the event date.  
Otherwise the deposit is not refunded.  I will give you the link to a page to make the deposit.

Once that you scheduled your party and paid for the deposit, I will email you the web page for pricing,
payment options through pay pal for those that would like to pay via pay pal and purchase charts.  I do
have available information that you can send to your guests that explain about me and information about
the readings, charts etc.

Psychic parties via phone for those that are long distance.  Click here to find out more
Psychic Party
Carla Mary