• It is best if you are comfortable and open minded.
  • Come to the reading with some type of questions or main topics.  If you come with just the topic of the future, that
    is very much a broad subject.  Such a reply makes it hard for your reader to define the scope of the reading and
    focus in on what’s important to you now. Be prepare a list of questions.
  • Try to clear your mind of the cares and worries of the day. I read energy and receive in messages that are around
    you and may pick this up in the reading.  
  • Be open and honest during the reading.  One of the ways that I connect with you and others is through the name
    and birth date. By doing this allows me into your energy and to be able to fully connect with you.  
  • Try not to block or withhold  information about your circumstances will also block the reader.
  • Important to give feedback during the reading. If the reader is accurate (as far as you know), then let them know. If
    you feel he or she is on the wrong track, speak up. Of course, what you thought you wanted to discuss may never
    come up. The issue you asked about may never develop or die out. If a psychic is getting strong perceptions about
    some other area, they will let you know. If you are clear and direct with the reader about what’s going on in your life
    and what you want to know right now, you’ll have a much better chance of
  • Getting an accurate reading that provides you with some good guidance and direction.
  • If you are skeptical, testing the counselor, closed minded or obsessing about something, it is as if you have your
    doors closed, and no counselor can get through that easily.
  • A reading can only be as good as how open the person receiving the reading will be.  If they are trying to block the
    reader, hold things back that will have a dramatic affect on the reading.  
  • Don’t ever expect the psychic to make your decisions for you.

When is the appropriate time for a reading?

  • Avoid doing a reading when you’re in a server depressed state.  Unless that’s what you want the reading to be
    focused on. While a reading in the midst of a crisis can be useful in helping you figure out how to deal with it, it’s
    definitely not the best time for a full life reading. Since anything that shows up at the moment will be influenced by
    the crisis. It’s best to wait until the dust has settled before you take a longer-range view of your life. If you do
    decide to get a reading when life seems difficult, be prepared to hear some information you may not want to hear.
    You may have some big changes to make in order to get your life back in order. Before the reading, take a few deep
    breaths, ground yourself, and try to generate some loving peaceful energy around you.  Sometimes a healing
    session is better suited and need than a reading.  It will assist in the healing process and bring the person more into

  • If you have been taking alcohol or drugs, it can be very difficult for even the best readers to wade through the fog
    to find the clear answers you’re wanting. If you have just eaten a big meal, had a fight with your partner, or you’re
    not feeling well, these also can impact the quality of the reading and the tone. So, even if you’re doing the reading
    “just for fun,” take it a little seriously: calm and clear yourself, even for a few minutes, before you sit down for the
    reading so your energy is strong and balanced. Remember, you are getting Divine information -- this is a gift! If you
    have a negative attitude then the messages that come through to the psychic may be negative or unclear.

  • Psychics can provide good insights and information - guidance - second opinions - but they can't run your life and I
    don’t know of any professionals certainly don’t want to. Use a reading as an additional source of information, then
    take your power and use your own instincts and intuition to know how best and when to apply what you learned
    from the reading. You will only get the information that Spirit wants you to know, a reading will not fix your life just
    like reading a diet book will not automatically make you thinner. Being realistic is the most important thing you need
    to know.

  • The important thing is to be a good listener.   The best thing that is  recommend is taking notes.

  • The information that I receive in does flow through channeling.  It is best not to interrupt too often as she does not
    always get the information back in.

  • Most important is not to take all the information as written in stone.  We do all have free will to change our destiny
    / path.  You do have great influence over your future events for the better and the worse.  The key thing is to avoid
    the pitfalls in life if possible.  

  • The information you receive during a reading is what you need to know vs. what you want to know at times. The
    reader is more like a translator, passing on the messages to you and can’t direct what information is given. They
    must pass on the information received in the hopes that you will understand it sometime in the future. For example,
    personal growth messages received may be just what you need to do in order to attract more prosperity.
How to get prepared for a reading