Reiki can be used on cats, dogs, birds, aquatic life, reptiles, horses, farm animals and other
animals, including wild animals.

    Improves sleep and energy
    Eases discomfort of disease, arthritis, rheumatism, inflammation
     Comforts elderly and dying animals
      Eases depression or bereavement
    Relieves muscular aches, pains, strains, skin or coat problems
    Reduces anxiety, stress or nervousness
    Calms overly excited behavior, eases distrust and emotional trauma
     Calming, nurturing and relaxing
    Eases discomfort from conventional therapy side effects
    Accelerates healing from surgery, injury and illness
    Relieves discomfort and pain from injuries and surgery All over wellness
    Common behavioral or emotional issues
    Enhancing energy and vitality
              Reducing and relieving pain and discomfort
    And much more

Reiki is an ancient form of energy healing and work that is dated back at least 2,000 years ago.  
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There are many benefits that Reiki can assist for your pet.  A Reiki treatment can be for specific
and overall pains and discomforts that they may be going through.  If it is either physical or
emotional (or both) that you are seeking treatment, your dear pet will be feeling and receiving the
benefits of this wonderful gift called Reiki.

Reiki has been a part of my life for the past twenty years as a Reiki Master and Teacher.  Over
the many years of practicing healing work professionally, I have seen some amazing things happen to
all those that receive the benefits of Reiki and including animals.  

I do keep my prices very reasonable because my giving back to animals and nature.  

My sessions with animals are done via long distant healing.  The individual or in this case animal,
receives the same benefits as in person for the energy healing session.  I do my sessions this way
because some animals are very scared of traveling.   

During the session, I will channel in the healing energy through me and transmit it to your loving
pet. I will also incorporate other healing modalities that I use in my healing work of cranial sacral
therapy, shiatsu, energy and chakra balancing.  Intuitively, I send positive messages to your pet to
heal, be calm and relax.  If your pet is dealing with emotional or disobedient behavior messages can
be sent to assist in correcting those issues.

Your pet does not have to be lying down or a sleep to receive this benefit.  They can be doing
whatever comes natural for them or their routine that they have.  The energy will receive the
energy at the right time that is needed.

I will never tell you that it will take so many sessions in order for you or your pet to heal.  The
healing is up to the one that is receiving the treatment.  I have seen over the years many miracles
happen in one session or even two, but that is not up to me but solely up to the receiver of the
session.  My theory is that if one session can cure or assist in a better way of life, then I am so
happy and blessings to you.  I feel it is not necessary and unethical to say that it takes so many
sessions for it to work.  

There are some clients that do like regular maintenance sessions to keep up the healing energy or
to schedule when they or their pet is showing signs of needing another session.  The energy that I
channel can stay with the person or pet for up to a month from the feedback that I have received
over the two decades doing healing work.  This is solely up to the one receiving the energy how
long it will last or is needed.


$15 per session   Schedule your session

Please provide the following for a session ~

  • A photo of your pet if possible so that I may be able to better tune into them.  Please email
    me at
  • Please provide your pets name.
  • Area or areas of concern that you would like for me to focus the energy on.  If it is an
    emotional issue, please supply that information so that I may address it through the healing

The healing can be sent at a certain time that we can schedule or you can either choose for me to
send the healing first thing in the morning or in the evening.  Please specify which you prefer.  If
you choose a specific time, then I will let you know if I have that time slot available.

After the healing session is complete, I will send you an email letting you know that I am done
with the session.