Things that can be added on to massage sessions

You can incorporate into your massage the following for either 15 or 30 minutes of the
session.  The massage session will focus on certain areas to allow time for your add

No charge ~ choose one only   Reiki  ~ Craniosacral ~ (15 minutes only) Reflexology ~ extra
time on feet and or head

Peppermint Scalp Massage
Pamper yourself with this add on to any massage session.  Pure peppermint essential oil is
used to massage the scalp.  A total of approximate five to ten minutes during the massage
is spent on massaging the scalp.
$5 added to session

Cold Stone Massage
Add cold stone facial/head massage into your massage session.
** When scheduling, please advise me that you are wanting this.  I do not have stones
always with me unless scheduled.
The session is about 15 minutes and can be added into a massage or healing session
an additional $15  

Foot scrub treatment
Allow your feet to be pampered in the session.  Sea salt scrub in your choice of
aromatherapy added: peppermint, lavender or lemon grass.  After the scrub, your feet will
be pampered with a massage with the same essential oil that the sea salt scrub
contained.  ** When scheduling, please advise me that you are wanting this so that I may
have it available at time of session.  The session is included within the massage session
For an additional $15