Reiki One
                 Just for today I will give thanks for my many blessings.
                                 Just for today I will not worry.
                              Just for today I will not be angry.
                         Just for today I will do my work honestly.
 Just for today I will be kind to my neighbor and every living thing.

Remember to continue your self healing even if its been years since your class.  Just because you had an
attunement does not mean that you do not have to do hands on work.  You still do in order for the energy
to be channeled.

Make sure to sign up for my live Reiki Review class where we will be going over the hands on position and
also doing a full body healing meditation.

When you are doing a self healing for your self and even for others you should spend about 5 minutes on
each chakra.  Unless you only were doing one chakra then stay there until your hands or you are feeling
more coolness from that area.  Remember you can do two chakras at once.

When working on animals and small children they only need approximately 5 to 15 minutes.  This is because
of their mass is small.  Animals will usually tell you when they are done with the healing. But try to stick with
the under the 15 minutes.

Remember to work with the plants and earth.  It is important for us to take care of nature/mother earth.  
When you are outside siting you can place your hands downward so that the energy naturally channels
through.  You do not even have to think about it.  Just allow the universe to channel in the energy.  
Remember when we allow ourselves to be a channel we also receive its benefits.  Take note how you feel
and your mind state after doing this.  Most individuals are more focused, feel the oneness with divine and
the universe and feel totally connected to who they are.

Also, when you are gardening you can send the plants energy.  Even the need seedlings and seeds.  I do
that every time that I garden and my garden is very abundant.   

When you are out in nature send the trees healing by placing your hands on them.  The energy will go
through the roots and into the earth.  At the same time you get grounded.

Even though we know that some individuals need to be healed we still need to ask permission.  Also at
times wait for them to ask.  You may mention that you do Reiki and explain it but you can not just do the
healing with out permission.   Some times your hands will heat up around those that need healing. We must
honor free will and not allow our earth ego get in the way that tells us we have to do it.

When you work on someone make sure after the session that you wash your hands to disconnect from the

Still continue to do the following:

Opening and closing the chakras
Bubble of light protection
Hands on healing to self and others, plants and animals
Smudging / Saging
Purification bath

Let go of the issues that are blocking you and Do not hold on to the blocks

When an emotion comes up remember to breath into the emotions, visualise/image white light coming in
surrounding the negative emotion / thought and breath out strongly through the mouth.   Image that white
balloon and breathing into it all the negative  things that are within you.  Knowing that  once you breath out
you are releasing it to the universe to be healed, let go into the light.  And no longer within you.  

Make a pack with the universe, angels, Divine that once you breath in and out process of releasing
negative things it will be - the balloon be healed sealed and let go into the light of love and no longer in your
present or future.  Just know that this is a packed you are making with them so each time it will happen.    It
is only our own selves that allow the blocks to stay with in.

When you do healing work on someone or something in return you are also receiving a healing,  because you
are channeling in the healing energy. You may notice that you  will release after a healing or sometime after.  
This is normal.

When practicing on someone to do healing work make sure that you are unconditional.  Leave your jacket
at the door.  This means leave all your own personal issues/ agenda outside.  Be that channel the universe
needs you to be.

What to do with your mind during healing?

It is best to keep a clear mind or at least your daily issues out side that door.   As a channeler you want to
be in the moment as this vessel for the healing.  Not allowing your own personal agenda or emotions to
interfere in the healing or be picked up by the person that is receiving the healing.  

Some of the things that you can do during the healing session is be in a meditation state.  But conscience
enough to know what you are doing and that you do need to move your hands to different positions.  And
also that you are present for the other person.

Do prayer work while you are healing.  

Before the healing session I always say a prayer for those that  will be receiving the healing. Also, a prayer
of protection for all that are present at those times.  Here is a great prayer for doing healing work.


Dear Father, Mother God to allow me to be a vessel in this healing session today. Please allow their
energies to stay with them and mine to stay with me. That the Divine energies flow freely through me. -
And so it is.

When working on someone else:

Hands can be placed parallel - side by side - one on top of the other and one hand in front of the other.
After you are done doing hand positions on the person, sweep the persons aura.

Keep yourself grounded during the healing session.  This can be done with the intent that no negative
energy will get into your auric field.  Do this prior to the healing session.  You will be less likely affected by
negative energies from the healing session.

Always respect the person’s privacy. Do not give information that you are receiving intuitively without
permission. And most importantly unless you know that you are accurate and can stand behind what you
think is coming through don’t say it.  It can cause more damage to the person and also to your own

Keep your mind clear when going into the healing. Being open to receive messages.

Remove all negative energies before and after the healing by having the rooms energy clear.

Remove all negative thought patterns that enter your mind.

Asking for assistance in healing from the guides, angels, healers of light and etc.

And remember to thank those that assist and to be part of the healing.

Never take credit for the healing - you are a vessel/channel for the energy. Divine and the person receiving
the healing caused the healing.

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