Messages from those
who have wings!
'Carla Mary’s sessions are truly a labor of love that comes straight from the heart.    
Her whole mission and  purpose  is dedicated to sharing these truths that are revealed in unlocking  the
secrets to spiritual health, peace, love and abundance in your life.’
I am recognized as a World Renowned Intuitive Medium, Healer & Spiritual Teacher that is based out of the Gulf Coast area
of Florida. A professional healer and advisor, I have been in business for the past two decades.

I am a blend of mystic and down to earth person. My passion is to assist others on their spiritual ~ intuitive growth and
healing. Clients ranges from all walks of life and throughout united states and in other countries.

My messages are direct, straight forward and accurate. The information that I receive provides much needed clarity around
many different decisions that maybe affecting your life. Immediately and accurately, I channel information to assist clients to
uncover the secrets of their own life issues. I direct them to a successful future and uncovering those things that will assist
them to move forward. My gifts of being a natural born clairvoyant and the ability of clairaudant, I am able to communicate
with those that are on the other side that are here with us to assist us on our journey. Communicating with those that pass
over from our lives, Spirit guides, Angels and those other beings of light that are here for us.

All readings are kept confidential.  
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