Learning and healing the chakras

In this class you will find ways to heal and empower the chakras in many different ways.

The chakra system or sometimes called energy system consists of 7 major chakras. Each of the chakras has
important association with our entire well-being. They govern over our organs, emotions, how we process things,
our spiritual thinking and our psychic development.

This class is designed to teach you some of the basics and in depth look into each of the major 7 chakras.  You will
find ways to assist yourself in healing and development.

For those that do healing work on self or others, you will be learning more ways to incorporate in your healing

In class we will be going over each of the chakras; basic information on the location, color, qualities that it
contains; negative and positive, crystals that relate with each chakra, essential oils to use in healing and
developing, mantras and sound associated with each.

Everyone that attends must participate.  You will be given samples of essential oils for the chakras and receive a
handout for you to take home about the chakras and what we discussed.

You will experience a guided meditation on healing the chakra system and receive a link to my website on my
online cd on ‘Guided Imagery Meditation - Chakra Healing and Clearing’.

Learn about the chakra / energy system