The sessions that Carla Mary provides is based on clairvoyant/medium communication / information with the universe. Carla Mary's
information is channeled by a clairvoyant/psychic information from spirits on the other side. Carla Mary is not a psychologist,
psychotherapist, medical doctor or any form of doctor or legal advisor. Any information received is not to be replaced for medical
attention, psychological therapy or etc.; Carla Mary strongly advises seeking medical attention when needed. This information is to be
used on a energy healing /metaphysical / intuitive and spiritual level only. Readings should always be on an entertainment level and
should not replace for any; legal advice, medical or psychological advice or therapy or life altering changes. All sales are final and are
not subject to a refund. Readings are intended for entertainment purposes only, and any information obtained through the use of a
reading strictly up to the discretion of the person receiving the information. Carla Mary not responsible for the decisions made by the
client as a result of a reading being done.