If you have a question or topic that you would like me to answer or give information on, please email me.  Let me
know if you would like your name shown or just initials.  Thanks ahead of time.

November 2015

Question ~ Can I use regular sage that you cook with to smudge my home and myself? ~ Kim G
Answer ~ No.  The sage that is used is called White Sage aka salvia apiana or sacred sage.  It is an evergreen
shrub that is grown and native to the southwestern United States.  

September 2015

Question ~ I took a reiki class years and was wondering if I need to do my reiki class one again because I have not
used it in years.  Am I still attuned? ~ Renata from FL

Answer ~ Yes, you are still attuned.  The attunement stays with you for the rest of your life.  I would answer no
to taking the class over unless you would want a refresher on the course itself.  Start by doing some hands on
healing on yourself.  Do this by just placing your hands on one of your chakras or a place on your physical that may
need some healing.  With your pure intent of channeling the healing energy, allow it to flow freely through you.  If
you can do this daily by spending at least 15 minutes or more for a week or two to allow the energy to flow.  As I
tell my students in my class, you have to put your hands somewhere when you go to bed, reading, watching tv and
etc., place them on you and all the energy to flow.  In my classes I make sure to tell everyone that you need to
at least put their hands on their selves daily if you can.  The reiki is not just there, you need to channel it for it
to work properly.  

August 2015

When should I smudge my home and what are the signs to do it? (Sue B from Florida)

If you are experiencing continuing nightmares.  This is usually a sign that there are dark entities that are
interfering in your dream state.  

If there is a lot of arguments or anyone experience a lot of negative emotions in the home.  The negative emotions
can be anger, sadness, worry, fear, frustrations etc.  

If you just purchased the house or moving into a rental.  Make sure that you do it before you move in but can be
done after moving  in.  

When purchasing used items try to smudge them outside before bringing them in the home.

If you are doing meditations, healing work or psychic work in your home.  Smudging should be done on a regular

May 2013

Carla, I have a dilemma at work...I have moved into my old boss's office at work, and I can't cleanse it by
smudging cause of course it's in the unit....any suggestions of how to get rid of old negative energy in a room, that
is hospital friendly? I would have posted this on your page so other people could see if they had the same problem,
but you have turned off your posts option (for a very good reason I'm sure!) Thank you, Monique

Answer ~ There are a few things you can do ~ one is get rose water or holy water and sprinkle it around the room
or in a spray bottle. Two ~ you can draw out the symbol for protection and clearing with your hand or visualize it
sei hey ki symbol. Third ~ sprinkle sea salt in the corners and four ~ and you can do this with all the others
things. Fourth ~ Visualize that you have white sage and imagine that a window is open or door to the outside and
image yourself going around the room clearing the energy. And ask the angels of protection and light to clear all
stagnant and negative energy from the room/space.

November 2012

The beginning of the year I asked every to give me feedback to some questions about paranormal,
spiritual, healing etc.  I received responses and thank all that participated.  This month I will start
going over the input that I received.  As I promised I will not use your name, but initials only.   

#1 Have you had any paranormal experience that have occurred around you; home, car etc or something you would
like explained?  

My great-grandmother came to visit me the night she passed. She was almost 101, and we spent a lot of time
together.  I also had issues with a ouijoa board and something coming through on more than one board, with
different people controlling it. ~ TH

    Answer ~What a blessing that was that she thought of you to check on you after the passing.  Many have
    said that they had that type of experience.  It’s their way of saying good bye and they love you.  But at
    times, and is expected, people can be very emotional that they shut down that psychic part of themselves
    that we all truly have and can not experience it.  Our emotions can turn off our psychic abilities and being too
    full of grief can also.

    Ouijoa boards are the worst thing to use for divination.  Spirit guides and Angles do not communicate through
    those means.  Its usually lower vibrations and entities.  They will tell you what you want to hear and then
    cause choas in the persons lives.

October 2012

The beginning of the year I asked every to give me feedback to some questions about paranormal,
spiritual, healing etc.  I received responses and thank all that participated.  This month I will start
going over the input that I received.  As I promised I will not use your name, but initials only.   

#1 Have you had any paranormal experience that have occurred around you; home, car etc or something you would
like explained?  

Question ~ In a house I had owned in Maine, before I moved in and I was cleaning one of the upstairs bedroom, the
door was open a crack. I saw an old man in a pea green suit open the door and peak around to check me out. then
he was gone. In the same house I was at the kitchen sink and when I turned around, I saw a small elderly woman,
walk from the hallway to the laundry room. Then again in the same house. I was in my office and I went to walk
to the living room, and in the middle of the floor were 3 children playing a board game.

My friends had a cottage that sat 75 yards from the lake, their drive way was also very steep. My friend and I
were sitting at the kitchen table, just chatting, when we heard someone running down the hill all the way to the
dock. We ran out side no one was there, not even a splash in the water.

Another time, 2 friends and I were on a camp road, and from behind a old oak stepped out a troll looking thing
about 4 foot tall, as fast as we all saw it was gone, quickly.

I can remember is driving towards an old cemetery on a dark winters night, when a blackish grayish thing with dark
red eyes floated across the street. ~MP

    Answer ~ The messages that I am receiving from guides is that the home had memory imprints in it, plus few
    visitors from the other side.  The elderly woman, was an energy imprint that you saw.  At times they will
    constantly replay, just like watching a movie over and over again.  Objects, places and homes can hold onto
    peoples emotions and also what were they doing during that time.  The children  and the man peaking around
    the corner were from that home and near by.  I get an image of the man more early 1900’s and the children
    late 1800’s to early 1900 period.  It feels more not from the home but somehow connected to it.

    I am not picking up on anything at the moment from the noise you heard running down the hill.  The energy
    that you saw near the cemetery I pick up on it was more of energy than a soul.  The troll looking being ~
    there are many different beings on the other side from other planes of existence and you saw it.  One time
    when Sylvia Browne was on tv someone mentioned seeing something about that height and description that
    was passing this woman’s window going back and forth.  There are so many beings, not just us out there. But
    most of the time we can only see them clairvoyantly.

Question ~ I was 20 yrs. old and was going through a difficult time with my boyfriend and he said a girl he was
cheating on me with but a voodoo spell on me, so he was at his house and I was in my child hood home  and we
were praying and I was crying and asking God to be with me and to please show me he was here and  a dot of
light came in from the window and the light grew brighter and brighter till my entire room was filled and then it
left the same way through the small dot it was amazing!!! I had a lot of things happen in my childhood home my
dad pasted away and I was 5 yrs. old so he was always around. ~ CG

    Answer ~ Condolences on your loss of your father at such a young age. Those that cross over, especially close
    loved ones will always be around from time to time.  They send us messages and are in our dreams.

    First things first ~ no one can harm you with a spell, hex or curse unless you want them to.  There is many
    wonderful prayers to say to send the energy back and to the light.  On my website I have many different
    ones.  On the light you saw, I perceive that it was more of your guardian angel telling you everything will be
    fine and no harm will be done.  The message that I am getting in, when you prayed you asked for God to
    send you help ~ angles and that is why you saw that.  

Question ~ We had an incredible experience moving my grandmother. The house was 100 yrs old and a young boy
playing with his brother fell down the stairs and passed away. He was a very energetic spirit and would follow me
when I would wake up. A stream of light would go into the bathroom through the keyhole, then is would stop and
the light at the base of the door would not be broken. He moved things in the house. We packed a picture, went
out and the picture was unpacked and put back on the wall. ~ BL

    Answer  ~ What a fascinating story.  The stream of light is a Spirit of that boy and you had some others
    there as well.  Spirits can be in homes that they did not associate with in while they were alive.  We can
    attract spirits to us and they, the spirits, can travel in groups.  The moving things around and do it with the
    picture, were all mischievous things that can happen.  Not all are bad spirits out there as the shows on
    television portray.  At that time, he had not passed through the light.  Some would call it limbo or on the
    astral plane.  I do receive in that he did eventually go to the light with the assistance of someone close to
    him that crossed later.

    Most of the activities that happen in the homes and places were people think they are ghosts, are usually
    either energy imprints or those that have not gone to the light.  Many shows on television now show things
    as haunting, ghosts or whatever they want to name the energy and soul.  When we have these experiences it
    is best to talk to them, with love and positive energy only, and express to them that they died and need to
    go to the light and God.  You can also say a prayer for the assistance of Archangel Michael to assist in
    sending them to the light.

Question ~ Twice on separate nights while sleeping felt spirit attempting to enter my body. I awoke demandingly
denying entry... No this is my body, this is my body!  There are circumstances surrounding this experience leading
me to believe it was an acquaintance who lived nearby whom I later learned had just hung himself. ~AW

    Answer ~ There is many individuals that feel what you have felt ~ a heavy presence on them, near them or
    even grabbing on their legs or hands.  One thing you could do before you sleep, is ask for protection while you
    sleep.  So that no one can connect or enter your dream states.  

    Sometimes these feelings are not from lost souls but actually from our own self.  When we sleep and it
    happens awake to, we astral plane automatically.  Some will feel them self-jump or jerk a leg or something
    that usually startles them.  Meaning that they did not come back softly but too quickly.  Some feel that
    because you as a soul are astral planning and have not entered back but near your physical.  A person can
    even feel that feeling when a Spirit sits / or is right on top of them.   Most of the ways that entities do
    enter a person’s vessel is when the person is weak or under the influence at the time that they cannot feel
    it.  Weak meaning; ill, very negative or emotional or had an accident of some type.  

September 2012

The beginning of the year I asked every to give me feedback to some questions about paranormal,
spiritual, healing etc.  I received responses and thank all that participated.  This month I will start
going over the input that I received.  As I promised I will not use your name, but initials only.   

#1 Have you had any paranormal experience that have occurred around you; home, car etc or something you would
like explained?  

The cursor on the computer was moving to the right of the computer screen without me touching the mouse to an
website about light. ~ KMJ   

    Those on the other side are capable of moving objects.  It is mostly to get our attention.  If you remember
    reading that web site about light ~ the message that I am getting it was needed for more learning and
    connection with it.  It was very important for you.  The message and movement came from a Spirit of female
    and your Spirit Guide.  If you think back before that time, you received a lot of messages regarding that come
    through your mind.  It was form telepathy from her.  The message was to assist you to move forward and
    move more spiritual.

I have had several experiences.  Since I was a young, I have heard and seen spirits, both human and religious.
Several of the women in my family are psychic so it doesn’t scare me.  I have seen spirits with my children that
nobody else saw, I have had the Virgin Mary appear to me daily in a eucalyptus tree when I was sick with cancer in
'96. Most recently I see faces on things like pieces of wood or the floor or on the curtains, these I don’t
understand and would like to know why I am seeing them. ~ LC

    What you are experiencing by seeing the faces on different things is another form of scraying.  Most people
    use crystal balls, bowls full of water etc. to do it.  What you are seeing is those on the other side in this
    ancient form of divination.  Some individuals do not have to focus in on it, it’s just there.  What you will
    need to learn and develop is to receive in the messages from each that are popping up in your view.  Not all
    the time that we will receive why, it’s almost like we are intruding in on their space as some believe we are
    the visitors.  Each person can view things clairvoyantly in different ways and this is one of yours.  We also can
    pick up a lot of things from the astral plane that may have nothing to do with us. It’s for you to learn to
    decipher what information and thing is for you and what is not.

I was 19 in my apartment at 4am, I just got home from a party, laid down on my bed to fall asleep.  I heard
something like bells, and then felt a pressure on myself, as if someone were lying on top of me. I could barely
breathe, that is how heavy it was. I was frozen in fear.  It lasted a few minutes and then went away. ~ DP

    The immediate information that I got in was that you upon lying down astral planed and was trying to come
    back in your vessel.  The bells that you heard where from the astral plane, as I call the radio noise.  It is
    nothing to fear, rest assured for you.  Some people when they just settle down to sleep will jump or jerk.  It’
    s because they quickly astral planed and tried to make a quick return instead of a smooth one.  The pressure
    you felt was you trying to get back into your vessel.  

I have been having paranormal experiences since I was born. But the latest one was I was laying down, not asleep,
and a male voice shouted my name in my ear very loudly. I even answered thinking it was my husband, but then
realized he was not home, no one was! ~ KB

    This can be a very common experience, if we all would just listen and be open.  It’s usually a Spirit on the
    other side getting our attention.  Usually to awaken you.  I get this all the time and even just wakening or
    falling asleep.  Usually they are trying to get you up for a reason; you may have wandered off to far and may
    have been unsafe on the astral plane and they are getting you back, you may be in a bad dream, you may be
    in a dream and communicating with something that is not of the light, you may be in a half sleep but day
    dreaming per say on something you should not be because it is something that should not manifest or just
    that something needs your attention where you are in your waken state.

August 2012

Question ~
I met a woman on St. Patrick's Day at a bar who is acquainted with my BF. I had such an extreme
reaction to just being in the same room with her - a feeling of terror & danger - that I left and nearly took a cab
home. I still feel like I am being strangled even typing this. I should mention that I am an empathic, but have
never experienced anything like this. My BF thinks I am insane. Or merely jealous. It is really grinding me down &
taking a toll on our relationship. I sent her photo to two psychics in Santa Fe - they concur that she manipulates
her way through life and found her eyes to be terribly disturbing - hard & sly. I am at my wits end... And now
that my relationship has ended with my friend. I am also having nightmares since then. THANK YOU...!!!  T. From

Answer ~ Dear T. ~  Any time that you are out and especially if you’re empathic, you should shield your energy
to protect yourself.  Plus being at a bar is not good for anyone especially those that can sense energy. At those
types of places are lower energies and vibrations and at times demonic forces. As a person that feels or senses
things, you must have felt the negative energy / vibrations there.  Those that are able to feel that energy, do not
go around those places.  Otherwise they know what they will deal with in their energy and lives.  It does affect
your energy field and there is no way to shield your energy from it.  Consuming anything that can affect you is also
easy ways of getting attachments or walk-ins. I just watched a video from James Van Praagh as he is interviewed
on a late night talk show and discusses about going to bars and being around alcohol.  He, as I have always have
said, it attracts lower level entities and you can get attachments and affects your emotions and situations.  

What I am getting in intuitively that it was more of influenced feelings by entities that are still with you.  You are
still experience these feelings and affecting your life since March and its almost August.  On my website I have
many different things that can be done easily by yourself to get rid of them and clear your energy.  A few of the
most important things to do is
smudging yourself and your home.  This will clear your energy and remove the
attachments from you and your home.  Where we go and who comes into the home can bring in entities and
energies until they are removed. With having the nightmares, that is very dark entities that are doing that to
you.  Clear yourself and your home.  Next,
ground your energies.  This will assist in releasing the negative
energies from you and clear your mind of this chaos that’s going on. Do that daily will help you.  A
bath with sea salts.  The psychic cord releasement.  This will cut and remove the person and any entities that
are there.  If you don’t know the name of the person, just the memory will work. I also have, if you don’t know
how to do it, ask Archangel Michael with his sword to cut away all attachments.  But most important, stay away
from bars and lower vibration places and don’t drink alcohol or take anything that can affect you that you can not
feel the energy around you.  Important thing is if you have messages not to clear your energy, it’s the dark side
that is telling you not to.  The light will always try to keep you protected or would give you messages or thoughts
on ways to be safe and clear yourself. I did not see the picture of the person to tell you anything. But what my
guides are telling me, it maybe the persons personality and what the psychics wanted you to believe.  There are a
lot of people out there that will put that in their clients thoughts that others are doing them harm when they
really are not.  
Blessings, Carla Mary

March 2012


I had an entire day with a sense of deja vu at my new company.  Now, there isn't a person there that I've met
before starting there, even though a few of them I had at least heard of them. But in my head I was completing
sentences from other people before they said them.  It was actually comforting, but should it be? ~ T T  from


Knowing others responses can happen and can be a common thing for most individuals. You probably heard some say
'I know you were thinking or going to say that'. It is part of telepathy.

If it gets over whelming for you or your picking up too much and not able to concentrate on your work, make sure
to close and protect the psychic centers.
http://carlamary.net/chakra.html  This will help you.

November 2011


How can I tell if an negative spirit entity is in my home or work space? ~ Judy from Nebraska


One of the most common signs would be having disturbing or bad / nightmares dreams.   Just as those of the
light communicate with us through our dream states, so do those of the dark.

Paranormal activity in the home or space that is not positive or you feel scared by.

The energy and temperature of the room gets cold for no apparent reason.

Your pets can be a good indication on there actions when it is present in the home.  They maybe more overactive
in the house, trying to show you something is not right.  Acting like they are chasing something or even looking like
they are jumping upon / upward on a wall.

The smell of something foul or sulfur smell that just appears and disappears.

Feeling a wind or air moving usually more towards the floor when there should not be.  Almost like a fan set at
very low in an area of a room or corner of a room and also from a door way of a room or closet.

Plumbing problems.  For some reason it gets affected by them.  Usually with backups and pipes breaking or leaking.

This is just some of the experiences that can happen.

The best way would be to clear the energy is to sage / smudge the entire place.  If you are having the experience
in your dream state, make sure that you smudge the room at night daily until it goes away.  Usually immediately
you will find that it stops.  
Read my page on smudging will give you information on how to do this.

But the most important thing would be to find out why and how they are entering in.  Sometimes what we are
doing and our emotional state, even sadness, can bring in those of not of the light.  If we are living with others
they may also be attracting it in.  

This is a great question.  I will be doing some more writing on in the next couple months on this topic.  Thanks!

October 2011

Question ~

I was wondering can you where the stones Tigers Eye and Aventurine together and if so what benefits do they
bring together?
~ Wanda

Answer ~

Yes, you can wear, carry or use these two stones together.  I really don't know of any two that you would not use
together.  The only thing that some may do would be over ground you, but that is not the type of stones you are
asking on.  Tiger's eye is related to the solar plexus and issues and things that involve in that energy center plus
more.  Find out more about the Tiger's eye,
click here.  The Aventurine is a wonderful healing stone, especially
when it comes to emotions.  It is also used for manifesting money when its green aventurine.  Find out more about
this type of stone,
click here.  Besides their separate uses, I don't now of any thing combined that would be extra
than what they can assist us with already.

August 2011


I am wanting to start to develop my intuitive abilities.  What is a good way to start?  Brian in Colorado

Answer ~

One of the first things that I would suggest, if you have not yet, start to meditate.  I suggest Guided Imagery,
because it guides you to view things.  Meditation assists in the right hemisphere of the brain activity, which is
where our spiritual and intuitive side is.  When you are practicing and learning to open your intuitive side, make
sure that its before you eat.  This will allow you to be more energetically lighter.  On my website I have a page on
opening the chakras, click here to view.  This will show you how to open and close them.  When your meditating or
using your abilities like that you need to be fully open.  

Question ~

I am woken up it seems every night about 4 am.  Can you tell me what is the meaning of this or is there a
reason why? Sarah in Seattle WA

Answer ~  

You are not alone about getting woken up in the wee hours of the night.  This usually is your guides, higher self,
angels and loved ones that do this.  Most individuals  have this happen to do prayer or healing work.  Why so
early? Because the energy on the earth plane where you are is more calmer and able to transmit the energy of
prayer or even healing  at a higher energy level during that time.  Also, more positive energy is around during that
time.  Some individuals have a gift of prayer.  That they can send out and connect with higher dimensions than
others.  With their intent of the prayer they can make things happen.  Usually the other side asks us for prayers
of healing, positive energy, praying for others etc.  Remember that we must ask for their assistance, because they
can not cross our free will and change things if its not part of the persons path.  For those that do healing work,
it’s a time for sending energy to the earth, those in need and etc.  It can be just positive love and light energy.   

Usually this does not last for long when we do what is needed.  The time that is usually spent it less than an half
hour and some  it maybe only ten minutes.  You will be able to go back to sleep and feel rested.  If you do not
know what prayer to say or who or what to send energy to, just allow your mind to be clear and you will have a
thought or feeling.  Most receive telepathic messages during the day or right before awakening.  Some prayers can
be even for those that still need to cross to the light.  A kind word and guidance assists those that need our help.

July 2011

Question ~

I am having trouble meditating.  It seems that I just can not sit still and stay focused.  Can you tell me what to
do to get rid of this so that I can mediate.  Sarah ~ Colorado

Answer ~

A lot of individuals that first try to meditate have this issue.  Even those that have mediated for long time have
this same problem from time to time.

One of the things that can interfere in trying to mediate can be what we have consumed.  Don’t drink caffeine or
anything that would make you antsy. Try not to eat before you mediate.  If you need to eat something, make sure
its very light.  Remember that food can ground our energies and in meditation you are trying to raise your energy
level.  Drink water but not so much that you will not be able to sit through it. Make sure to use a rest room
before you meditate.

Make sure that you are not upset right before meditating.  If you are too upset over something, it would be hard
for most to clear that from your thoughts.  This could even be of a bad experience or hectic day at work.  
Meditation is good to try to relax from these experience if it’s a short meditation under 15 minutes.

Clearing your mind chatter can be done with just deep breathing.  Deep breathing ~  one of the most important
practices in meditation.  It calms the mind and body to be open and aware.  Begin by breathing in through the
nose ~ love and light energy ~ white light positive energy (intent & if possible visualize).  Counting the seconds it
takes you to take a slow deep breathe in filling your entire body as if the breathe is going all the way to the
toes.  With that same amount of seconds hold the breathe.  Then with the same amount of seconds, release out
through the mouth slowly.  With your intent your are releasing all negative, discord, discomfort in your body.
Continue to do this for a few minutes and you will notice how clear your mind becomes.

Be in a comfortable place that you will not be disturbed ~ turn off phones and things like that.

Guided Imagery Mediation is wonderful form of meditation.  It guides the individual through different things instead
of just having the person sit there and the mind can wander.  I would recommend trying that form of meditation.  
Check my
product page, I offer different meditations for you to listen to online.

April 2011

Question ~

What are orbs? ~ from facebook friend

Answer ~

Orbs are transparent balls of light commonly found in photos or even videos.  When I look at any picture, even on
face book or elsewhere, I always find them. You probably have seen them if you start looking for them.  They are
all different colors or vibrations/energy levels. I can even see them through my clairvoyance / third eye without the
camera or video.   Most of them are higher evolved souls and even angels.  Some of them on pictures you can
enlarge it and see what some say are faces.

Question ~

What does it mean to keep seeing repeated numbers such as 333, I see it as the time am or pm, I get phone calls
at this time also, driving around saw it on a police car. I have looked it up to mean trinity, but I feel like someone
is trying to tell me something, and I am just not getting it.  Melissa, Sarasota FL

Answer ~

At times when we see repeated numbers it is a sign of the meaning of the number in numerology.  But it also can
be a so called wake up call to what is happening or about to in our lives.  It is also showing us to look more deeply
within our lives to find that connection to understanding the message.  The number is repeating itself in order for
you to pay attention to issues and things in your life for the positive and also negative things happening.

It is messages from the other side; our guides, those that past; friends and relatives, angels, and other higher

Through the use of numerology, you can find out the meaning of the numbers.  Usually numbers are broken down in
to one or two digits.  Each has a meaning that pertains to that number vibration.  It can give you clues and
insights into the message.  Also, possibly bringing your attention to a pressing matter or theme in your life.  

Some of the messages can be  or happen when (in general and not to pertain to that number only):

A desire or need to have more order and organization in your life.
Trying to over control a situation.
We must not give up.
We must make an important decision in life.
We must choose a path to take.  (like being more spiritual vs. material)
If we are doing something or living negatively.
When we lost faith and or our connection with the universe and Divine.

It is a message for us to discover or learn.  At times it will repeat itself until we get the message.  Then if we
don’t, it will stop and for us to learn on our own.  It is just like Spirit guides at times.  They are their to assist
and Guide you on your path.  To assist us from steering off of our path.  But if we are constantly not listening to
them, they will no longer be sending that message and possibly moving on.  Best advise is to find out what the
message is in the numbers that you are receiving.

Not only are messages given through numbers but many other things.  If we just be aware and present we can see
them.  Through nature; birds, animals, etc have very important messages.  Songs on the radio, someone speaks to
you etc are all messages that can be sent from the other side.

But we must remember that unless you received the message it is still coming to you.  Make sure to find the
meaning so that it does not stop before you really needed to know it.

Also, keep in mind that our subconscious can be looking for that number also to appear and that is why you may
also be seeing it. It is the subconscious trying to make them aware of something consciously. Our subconscious mind
is extremely powerful.  But also we can unconsciously be programming our minds to spot the number patterns out.

Through meditation and in our dream state we can find the messages that we seek.  Going inward you will find the
meaning in time.  Just ask yourself what is happening to me in my life that I am needing to change, let go of, to
see clearly or act upon (just to name a few).  The answer will be there.

The meaning of 333 is a unity of the  mind body and spirit. It  represents truth and that we are all one /
connected / equal.   The triangle represents this.  In perfect balance and proportion.  If you feel that you are not
in balance in some aspect of the mind body and Spirit, then ask yourself the following.  

Am I neglecting some aspect of my life (mind, body or Spirit)?
Do I have harmony in my life?
Do I believe everyone is equal? Am I equal?
Am I whole?
Ask your mind, body and Spirit what it needs.  (nourishing, rest, healing, forgiveness, etc)

This number is a reminder to have faith in humanity.  That the Universe is assisting you on many different levels.  
333 deals with Ascended Masters in the universe.  

In Doreen virtue book Angel numbers 101 ~ she writes:

333  The celestial feelings of support and comfort are not your imagination.  You are totally immersed with
reassuring love and comfort from your Ascended Masters.  Trust that they are with you and that they ARE guiding
and protecting you as you embrace your spiritual life journey.

333 — The Ascended Masters are near you, desiring you to know that you have their help, love and companionship.
Call upon the Ascended Masters often, especially when you see the number 3 patterns around you. Some of the
more famous Ascended Masters include: Jesus, Moses, Mary, Quan Yin and Yogananda.

When 333 is reduced to a 9 the following is the meaning.  

9’s - Situations o r events are nearing completion or have just been completed and another plateau a waits.  
Achievement, more on a personal level concerning goals, ideas, emotional, mental or spiritual matters.  Attainment
and endings, fulfillment or completion of cycle.  When one cycle ends, a new one is about to begin.

Ask yourself if you are currently going through the mentioned things or need to be.  The main thing is always be
honest with yourself when answering the questions, then the answers are all there.

Check my number meaning page to gain more information on other numbers.  
Read more.

March 2011

Question ~

Hi - I had a question for you regarding energy cords.  Have you ever seen any that are red? What would that
mean?  Thanks
Carol / Pennsylvania

Answer ~

Yes I have seen that color cords.  It can mean many things, all depending on whom they are coming from or
attached to.  Could mean sexual or anger etc. But without going in through a reading intuitively I could not tell
you exactly. Each situation can be different in some way.

Question ~  

My moon is in Capricorn.  Does only the moon when it is in Capricorn have meaning for me?

Answer ~

No.  When you do have a moon in your moon sign, like Capricorn, then you will have additional meaning and or
power for you.

Each different type of moons and planets affects us all.  No matter what sign your moon is in, you will experience
and obtain the power of each moon.

Each zodiac sign deals with different things; strong and weak strengths, challenges and issues.  When the sun sign
is in a moon or even a planet, it will influence it according to the zodiac signs characteristics.

February 2011

Question ~

A group of friends and I just had our aura pictures done.  It was very exciting to see what colors each of us had.  
How accurate are they?  How often can I have them done?  Do they change and how?  - Sue in Tampa

Answer ~

How accurate are they?  Do they change and how?  ~ The aura color will change from our emotions, physical body
experiences and thoughts just to name a few things.  For an example, if you have your picture taken and see your
picture and its one color.  Then something happens, even within minutes from taking the picture, something upsets
you.  If you sat back down and took the picture again, it should change to a different color.  As red can depict
anger or sexual energy more depending on where it is coming from in the auric field.  How accurate they are, it is
not exactly how an aura looks from the clairvoyant eye of a person viewing it.  An aura can radiate out up to or
sometimes more than two feet around the individual. Usually most individuals that can see the auric field view just
under that amount of distance from the body.  

In answering the question of how often can it be done, as often as you would want?  In addition, how much do you
want to spend on it?  Remember it does change so it will only show what you are experiencing in life at that

Question ~

Are auras stronger (or easier to detect) around people who are self-aware or consider themselves more spiritually
connected? -
Brian in Florida

Answer ~

The answer is yes but not necessarily.   Even viewing an individual that is not at all aware or spiritually connected
can be seen. Everyone is on a different path or belief system and may not have a belief or follow a practice at all.  
However, that does not mean that person is not radiating a higher vibration field around them. Just because they
do not practice or believe in spirituality, they could have a very strong aura field and may even be a very highly
evolved soul.   

You could be very spiritual in your thinking and practices, but may have a weak aura.  This is because of things
that we intake into our physical body plays a dramatic role in the auric field.  If a person drinks a lot of water,
their aura field is stronger or larger.  During my readings, one of the first things that I do is view the aura field.  
I can immediately tell if a person is consuming things that are not good for them or not including things to enhance
them on a physical level.  If a person has been drinking a lot of water that day, the aura will be more extended
outward in a healthier way.  Verses a person that has not or very little water will be very close to their body. In
addition, they could be consuming things into their physical that can make the persons aura weak.  These can be
smoking, taking drugs or medications, alcohol and much more things that can contribute to a weak aura.  

Someone that is more or better way of putting it, practicing spirituality or self-awareness in a spiritual and
intuitive way, will have different colorations in his or her auras.  Each color represents different things that are
going on in the person’s life.  Also, each color can be a different shade that can depict different things.  There are
also in an aura sometimes more vibrant colors, which would mean a more positive meaning.  Then there are
mudded, muted or dull colors, which could mean, sadness, in taking things into the physical or situations that are
happening in the individual’s life.  

There is so much more than to say someone has one color like blue, green or red for example.  It is actually more
detailed than that.  You could have different colors in different areas around the physical.  There are overlaying
colors that are more to do with the soul verses the exterior/around the body deals with current lifetime things.  
Some areas around the body may extend outward more or more closer to the physical because of pain, illness etc.

It would be easier for a person that is more clear or intuitive to view the aura. Everyone is capable of sensing or
viewing an aura.  To view the aura just takes practice.  In my future newsletters, I will teach on how to do so.  

To understand the aura or to analysis it, there is a lot to consider what can influence it. Everyone has an aura and
even plants and animals just to name a few things.  

In the months to come I will be writing on how to view auras in nature and more about the aura in my

Last year I wrote many articles on healing the aura, clearing and purify it.  In
December 2010 issue, I list all the
articles that I wrote throughout the year to read if you missed them.

December 2010

Question ~

If a person is bad in this life time will they have Karma in another life time?

Answer ~

Karma is described by our actions and deeds that we do in life.  If it is not cleared in the current lifetime it can
continue on to other lifetime(s).  The belief is what we do onto others with our thoughts, words and deeds will be
returned to us.  This can be positive and also negative things.  It is making up for things done wrong.  The key is
to learn from it and move on.  Its not that we say we have learned it to overcome the lesson even if we truly did
not yet, but the universe or higher powers makes that decision.  Sometimes things happen too us in our life
because of past mistakes in other lifetimes.  Eager Casey was well known for his belief in it.  He believed why
people come back with personal and physical problems in life was because they did harm to another in other
lifetimes. That they had to feel the problems that was placed on the ones that they did to in previous
incarnations.  But the individual does not overcome the lesson until they learn by it.  

There is a universal law that states what you put out you will get back three and fold.  This means that what you
do with your thoughts, words and deeds will return to you.  If its negative or negative based, it will come back
three times harder and binds you until you learn your lesson.  If you put out positive it comes back three times
more.  I like to think and say it comes back ten times back.

Remember even our thoughts is energy.  So if we think that we want harm to another, for example, you are
actually sending that energy out to that person.  In some beliefs this is what is called a hex.

November 2010

Question ~

Do the tarot card readings you get on line for a card a day accurate? ~ St. Petersburg, FL

Answer ~

I would have to say no in general.  Though, most of the cards can be interpreted into many aspects of life
situations that could relate to the person.  Remember that the computer is doing it and not a person.  I have
seen a lot on face book that people receive that are usually the same cards or the meanings are totally wrong for
what the card represents.   

Best thing to do would be purchasing your own deck.  Then you can pick a card a day for yourself with your own

June 2010

Question ~

I have been having dreams a lot lately and then they are coming true. Before I wouldn't remember them and then
when it came true, I finally remembered the dream, but now I am remembering them immediately and then they
come true. How normal is this and is there anything I can do to fine tune it?
- Sarah   Tampa

Answer ~

This is very common for most individuals to have dreams and what was in them to happen in the awake time.  
From time to time dreams will slow down for everyone and also enhance at times.  It is not usually an every night
experience but can happen frequently to some.  Remember the dreams and realizing that you are dreaming happens
more when our daily life is not so much the main focus.  Meaning ~ if you have a lot of situations going on in your
life or issues or too focused on the material world it can influence how much you are dreaming.  Usually you would
not be dreaming too much during that time.  But when life settles down a bit or you are paying more focus on
your spiritual self, then your dreams will enhance.  Also, it can be affected by different spiritual growth periods for
you.  Usually if you are in a growth period you will be more connected to the dream states.  

To enhance or fine tune your dream time, there are a few things that you can do to assist in the dreaming

Make sure to separate yourself from the outside world when it is time to go to sleep.  Tell your earth mind that
it is time to rest.  This will assist in turning off the mind chatter and what is going on in your daily life.

Place a piece of
jade under your pillow or in your pillow.

Use the essential oil
clary sage.  Clary sage is known for assisting in activating the third eye in development.  You
can put a couple of drops on a pillow case that you don’t mind getting oil on. (oil can stain at times so use
something that is easily to replace if need be)  Use a essential oil burner about 15 minutes before you go to bed
then shut it off.   

Meditate before you go to sleep.  It is a great way to fall into a deep state of sleep.

Don’t drink caffeine, alcohol or eat before you sleep.  

Make sure to keep a note pad next to you when you awake.  This will give you an opportunity to write down the
information from the dreams before you forget them.

August 2010

Question ~

How about an in-depth recap of all the major Astro influences we've been experiencing this summer and their
implications for the upcoming months... Thanks :)
~ Susan, Florida

Carla Mary wrote:   

Susan ~ thanks... I have them in my newsletters. That is a great idea.. so many that are being pulled and tugged
to more of an extreme than usual and the astro affects do play/assist in that! Thanks Susan!!

Susan wrote:

Absolutely! Feeling exceptionally pulled and tugged recently and know about major cycles, endings, beginnings
happening now. Many of my friends with less astro knowledge have been feeling "something" but unaware of the
specific whats and why. Thanks for doing all you do to keep us informed! :)

Answer ~

Its just not one thing that is happening in the planets, but many different things that are influencing us at the
time.  I have written many different articles on my website (as you will see below) for this new year.  

Also, I believe not only astrological influences are affecting us in such a dramatic way, but also the energy that is
here on the earth plane.  The energy has shifted so dramatically that it is making a lot of individuals feel
unbalanced or feel that they are fighting the negativity that is around.  I have included in last months issue and
this months newsletters ways to clear the aura.  By keeping our aura cleansed and protected will assist in
protecting against some of the energy shifts we are feeling.  Not only protecting our energy is needed during this
time but to stay grounded and do the inner work that is so much needed.  What the negative energy does is
amplifies the issues / blocks that we have kept within side our selves.  By doing healing work on yours or having it
done to release the blocks within can be very beneficial in order to have more of a positive balance of the mind,
body and Spirit.  The planetary affects that are happening is actually getting those that need to release, reevaluate
and refocus there lives and goals in order to move forward.  They do not try to harm us, but assists us in moving
forward in our evolution of a soul.  If we are living our lives not in the positive or off track in some way, the
planets can assists us.  Everyone thinks that retrogrades are negative.  But in actually they have us reevaluate
things in our lives that we should be letting go of in order to move forward.  More or less to stop, listen and

The major thing I could not stress more of during this time is to heal, stay
grounded, refocus our values, beliefs,
goals in life and protect our energies.  It is also having us to gain more strength in our own faith and beliefs.  
Finding the light within our own selves is the key.

Here are the major astrological events that are affecting us.  Also, below you will find a link to the sun signs for
the year report.

    The beginning of the summer we were still being affected by Mars.  Read more about this here, to give you
    information on how it has been affecting us all and our sun sign.

    Neptune has been affecting us for some years now.  It is in Aquarius which we are feeling some losses by.  
    Read more about this here and how it will affect your sun sign.

    Jupiter has been playing two roles, positive and some negative.  Read more about this here, to give you
    information on how it has been affecting us all and our sun sign.

    Pluto in Capricorn.  Read more about this here, to give you information on how it has been affecting us all
    and our sun sign.

    Uranus in Pisces.  Read more about this here, to give you information on how it has been affecting us all and
    our sun signs.

    Saturn is a major planet of lessons and challenges.  Read more about this here, to give you information on
    how it has been affect us all and our sun signs.

    We are currently be affected by two eclipses.  The eclipses influence us for 6 month period till the next one.  
    Lunar Eclipse - June 26, 2010  4° Capricorn 50   and  Total Solar Eclipse - July 11, 2010   19° Cancer 24

    We are about to go through Mercury in retrograde in Virgo within this month.   Read more about this here,
    to give you information on how it has been affecting us all and our sun sign.

    Check the horoscopes for this month to give you more insight for each sign.   

    These planets have been in retrograde for the summer months.  Click on the name to read about the
    retrograde information.

    Saturn                       Libra                                1/13/2010                         
    Pluto                         Capricorn                         4/06/2010                        
    Neptune                   Aquarius                          5/31/2010                       11/06/2010
    Uranus                      Pisces                               7/05/2010                       
    Jupiter                      Aries                                 7/23/2010                       
    Mercury                   Virgo                                 8/20/2010                        

    For a list of the major events including the above information and more, click here

    I have written information on each of the zodiac signs on to what to expect for the year of 2010.