Chakra Healing, Clearing, Balancing and Empowerment 7 Distant or in person Energy Session

* You can choose to do this in once a week or twice a week *

7 sessions of energy healing, clearing and balancing to empower and assist in your healing process to raise your

The focus each session will be on one chakra by clearing the stagnant, negative energies and empowering with positive

Before each session, you will be emailed to remind you of your session with information on the chakra that will be
worked on.

Your intent is to release and let go of anything that is blocking that chakra to allow for the healing and
empowerment to happen. The energies usually stay with the individual that I channel through from the feedback that
I have received over the years about two weeks to a month. The more you release and let go the more the healing
works. Just remember if you do not let go and release the healing energies dissipate.

I will email you the things that can block the chakra, after the session the thoughts, feelings or memories come up,
make sure to breath into it and let it go. I will also be emailed to you things to do after the healing sessions to
assist you in releasing and empowering yourself.

There are two different options ~ 30 minute sessions or 1 hour sessions (in the 1 hr session, if time permits, other
chakras will be worked on that may or may not have been previously been cleared)

  • 1st session ~ focus on the base chakra, auric clearing and energy balancing
  • 2nd session ~ focus on the sacral chakra, auric clearing and energy balancing
  • 3rd session ~ focus on the solar plexus chakra, auric clearing and energy balancing
  • 4th session  ~ focus on the heart chakra, auric clearing and energy balancing
  • 5th session ~ focus on the throat chakra, auric clearing and energy balancing
  • 6th session ~ focus on the third eye chakra, auric clearing and energy balancing
  • 7th session ~ focus on the crown chakra, auric clearing and energy balancing with an all over balancing

    30 minutes sessions $210  

    1 hr sessions $420

For distant healing sessions ~ Once payment is received, I will email you day/time options to choose from. Then
your day/time is set, all you need to do is sit quietly for that time to receive the energy work or choose to have
the energy sent in the morning or evening at any time (When doing long distant healing, the energy is sent when
you are relaxed.  Some people are very busy and the universe delivers the energy when needed ~ great benefit that
the universe provides)  Hours available are 6 am - 9 pm 7 days a week

In person healing sessions ~ 1 hr sessions only in Sarasota otherwise in Palmetto location either 30 minute or hour
sessions.  Hours available are 9 am - 7 pm 7 days a week