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May brings in the joyous sensations of spring.  It’s a time when the earth shows all its
beautiful colors from all that was planted before now emerges in wonderful blooms for us to
enjoy.  This is also the month that we honor our love for our Mothers.  Through their
unconditional love that nurtured our souls on our journey through our lives.  The sign of
Taurus that we are in now, is a sign all about nurturing ourselves on the wonders of the earth
plane.  Find some way to nurture your soul through the blessings that the earth has given us.

This is a month of being grateful for all that we have and those that have done for us in our
lives.  Being grateful for everything that Divine has given us from day to day in our lives at
every moment.  Even the littlest of things we should be grateful for and show gratitude.  Make
this a priority in your life to show more gratitude and positive energy to everyone and
everything.  When we do this, you will see how much is returned to you.  It’s all part of the
laws of attraction.  If we are positive and are grateful, then we shall have it returned to us in

The meaning of gratitude is being thankful.  It is counting your blessings, being able to notice
simple pleasures and blessings and to recognize what you have.  Being able to live your life and
realizing that everything is a miracle and a blessing.  Even the smallest thing is a blessing.  
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What a beautiful time of the year when we are coming to the final part of spring and then
entering into summer. May always has been for me an energy empowerment month.  The
energy shifts during this time of year.  In spring we plant the seeds and in May we see the
growth happening.

Take this season’s energy to visualize the light (white) surrounding you and empowering you
when you need that extra boost.  Allow it to come through the crown chakra and down
through all of the chakras.  Entering through your legs and out your feet.  Filling your entire
vessel with this empowering light.  Now expand it around your vessel as it puts you in a
bubble of light energy.  ~ Do this little exercise when you need a clearing and a boost.
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'Taking a nap and meditation are two different things.
Meditation is a form of awareness where the individual is still conscious of their
surroundings and what is happening to some level during the meditation.
Whereas, napping the intent is to sleep and rest.
The intent is not to be fully conscious or partial during the time.  
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May is the last month of spring with all the beauty that nature has to offer.  It is a time of
new beginnings for all of us.  The beginning of spring is April, which is also the beginning of
the zodiac (Aries).  It is the start of new beginnings, renewal of energy and our goals.  For
what you manifested for the New Year, it is starting to develop and grow now.  It is a time of
planting the seeds, which is another way of saying manifesting your desires.  You can manifest
your goals and desires anytime, but the power of the energy of spring and a new moon is
most beneficial for this. Check out my
directory page of lists of different ways to manifest.
Preparing yourself to meditate

The most important thing to do during a meditation is to allow your spiritual and intuitive
side to unfold.  Allowing your imagination to take place.  The important thing to do is not to
try to analysis anything during the meditation.  Some say that guided meditation is like
watching a movie on a screen.  Guided imagery meditation has you part of the events by
participating in or watching it.

It is important not to worry if you cannot see anything during a meditation ~ the best thing
is not to force it but to allow it to come through naturally ~ free flowing.

Some individuals do not see images right away; some see colors ~ which are energy or sense
things.  It’s the experience that counts the most.  Feeling the emotions, energy, peacefulness
and many other experiences that you can occur during meditation process.  We will be
discussing more of this throughout the lessons ahead.

Don’t push yourself to see things or expect too much right away.  This all takes time.

This is part of my on line class on Learning to Meditate.  14 weeks to go at your own pace of
learning and reviewing. Each week you are emailed a new lesson to read, do exercises and
meditations.   This is for all levels ~ from those that never meditated to the advance.

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